Orc Warboss WIP Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of painting of the orc warboss!

I started with a black undercoat for this fellow, usually it doesn't make a difference to me, but the large areas of armour meant that black was an easier colour to work with for me to get the inital metallics in. The orc skin would follow the same colour scheme for my Kommandos from last year.

The photo below shows the Orc with the base colours blotted in (quite messily). I've also worked in a basic design for the shoulderpad, based off the one from Rob Jedi's warboss from 2001:
Continuing working in the base colours. See the sword above and below - I use multiple thin coats than one thick coat. It means you'll have to put up with blotchiness as you work up the layers, but it does give a smoother result in the end. I've also done the base and the boar in the below picture:
I worked in the shading on the horns, they are the same on both the warboss and the boar to tie them together. I went with the darkest colour on the tips, working through Menoth White Base, then Snakebite Leather, Beastial Brown and finally Chaos Black. Here are some shots from a few different angles:
Front on:
Side on:
The back:
Next was a dry fit of the banner and the shield, to make sure it still looked right! I've started the shield with a basecoat of Mecharite red on the stretched leather:
A bit more work on the shield here. I also decided on a dwarf head to adorn the top of the banner:
Side on:
I didn't glue the Orc to the boar, sheild or banner till I had to, it made it a lot easer to work with. Here you can see them in separate pieces. I had a sturdy enough pin that I could attach the Orc without having to glue it, so most of the painting was done on the boar, and pulled off when I need to get to fiddly areas.
So all the basic colours are in, with a few detail areas painted. Next up is finishing the banner, and the metals to really bring out the weathering and shine.


Mae said…
It's like reading a tutorial! You should tag as tutorial as well. XD Cool tip on the multiple thin layer- the sword came out looking good. ^^

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