Copplestone Polar Adventurers (Part 2)

A bit more work on the polar adventurers, concentrating on getting two of them finished.

The browns are all done with GW Bestial Brown, highlighted with Beastial Brown mixed with Menoth White Base. The fur is Charadon Granite highlighted with Charadon Granite mixed with Menoth White Highlight.
 The grey on this guy is also Charadon Granite mixed with Menoth White Highlight. The red is Sanguine Base mixed Blood Red. The bases are black drybrushed with Astronomican Grey.
 Now the fun part, decorating the base! I used Silfor Grass tufts secured with super glue. Then followed by a layer of Jo Sonja Texture Paste, and finally snow powder pressed gently on top. I used the texture paste on the silfor to simulate snow on the grass.
 And yes, they're standing in a sea of movement trays!
 Here is the snow movement tray I have done up for the adventurers, painted and based the same way.
 A close up shot.
Ok, two down, two more to go! And then to move onto penguins, polar bears, dog sled teams, and a walrus.


Jyggdrasil said…
Will the walrus have a bucket?
Andrew said…
Almost certainly. I have a nice 1/35 scale bucket that I will half-bury in the snow next to the walrus.

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