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Golden Demon Weekend

I had a fantastic weekend at the Golden Demon, this year held in Parramatta. I managed to walk away with two trophies, a Silver in 40k Squad with my Ordo Xenos squad, and a Bronze in 40k Large with my Nurgle Terminator Lord. A big congratulations to all the participants and winners, competition was fierce this year and will only get better next year.

Also congrats to my fellow Chatswood entrant, Sebastian, who not only won gold in 40k Single, but managed to walk away with the Slayer Sword!

And no Golden Demon coverage would be complete without mention of the dinner afterwards, held at it's traditional venue, Thai Laong in Newtown. Photos of the night can be seen here:

We all had a fun time. No figures were lost in the food, though some food might have been lost as people were busy sculpting, painting or glueing! And the suprise ingredient for this year... No Metallic Paints! That's right. Everyone had to speed pain…

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Squad

My Ordo Xenos Inquisitor squad done up for this year's Golden Demon. I entered it into 40k Squad with the minimum unit size of 5 models as proxies from the existing Inquisitor rules so they still have rules from the existing codices; being the Inquisitor, a Scribe, a Warrior (Servitor), a Warrior (the pet Genestealer, sort of like a Daemonhost or Arco-flagellant), and a Sage (the Xeno Magos).