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OzPainters Open 2011 (Melbourne)

Angora has been busy posting up photos from the OzPainters Open which was held on the 18th of September at Realm of Legend. They had a fantastic turnout with a lot of world-class entries.

OzPainter Open 2011 Results

I was lucky enough to place Gold with my Queek Headtaker, given the high quality of the entries, I really do mean lucky! And the unit category... the winners are pretty amazing! A huge congrats to all the winners! Anyway here are the fantastic photos taken by the crew down in Melbourne of my entries:

Here's Rasputina crew with the Wendigo:

Thanks to the OzPainters crew down in Melbourne for running the event, I hope next year the competition is even tougher as you attract more entries and entrants!

Malifaux - Wendigo

Ok so Rasputina needed a totem. The first one I tried was the Wendigo, but I think the Essence of Power is better in game terms. The Wendigo does fit the theme of her and her crew really well though!

More Finished Shots

Work in Progress Shots
Here's the wendigo out of the blister. It's pretty small!

Based on some rocks - the tab is just slotted between some slate pieces held with super glue.

Next I added greenstuff to fill the gaps in the rock, and then add some Vallejo texture paste on top to give it some texture.

Painted in about 20 minutes over a white undercoat! Sorry, didn't take any Work In Progress photos...

Colours used (I admit, he was mostly drybrushed):

Fur is Trollblood Highlight drybrushed with Trollblood Highlight and Menoth White Highlight. Lips and ears are Elf Flesh with Menoth White Highlight. Claws are Black higlighted with Charadon Granite and Menoth White Highlight.Eyes are Arcane Blue with Menoth White Highlight. The base is Astronomican Grey drybrushed…

Cult of December (Rasputina) - Finished!

Well, I decided against the snow powder in the end because these figures are really for gaming and the snow powder isn't really all that durable. The texture paste is rock hard and give the right look so I left it at that.

Anyway, onto the finished miniatures... I wish I could be more like Angel Giraldez and have finished miniatures to show off every second day, but well, something finished is better than nothing, right?

Ok so here's the crew altogether, front and back. It's a bit of a challenge to get them all in focus!


Ice Golem

Ice Gamin (Group)

Ice Gamin (Individual)

And for reference, all the previous Work In Progress posts for the crew (in reverse chronological order):

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So that's it for now. The crew is actually winging its way down to Melbourne for the OzPainters Open painting competition this weekend, so if you're in the area, be sure to drop by Realm of Legends and have a look…

Rasputina and Crew (Part 12)

Ok I lied, the previous post wasn't the last one! Here are some front and back shots of Rasputina and her crew, bases all done.

I realised I should add some more highlights to the blue skin of the golem and gamin, and to the purple of Rasputina's  clothes. They look artificially bright in the photos because I took the shot under my daylight lamp.

I also need to add some snow powder to top off the texture paste.

Rasputina and Crew (Part 11)

Almost done with this crew - just the final touches on Rasputina and the base. Basically picked out the metal clasps and the ropes on her back.

Here's a shot of them all together.

Rasputina gets the Silfor and snow texture treatment on her base.

And from the back.

I think another going over with more texture paste and snow powder on the base and they're done! So this will most likely be the last Work in Progress update for this crew. I'll get the finished photos up soon.

Now... she really needs a totem doesn't she?

Out of the Box - Snow Storm

Ok I did a few of these for a while and then I stopped, but I had this one banked up already - it's Snow Storm from Wyrd Miniatures.
It comes in a small box with the nice artwork. This is the same size as the mounted figures and the larger figures like Lord Chompy Bits.

There are three separate bagged items inside: the cards, Snow (and some antlers), and Storm.

A closer look at Snow. This one was mis-packed and had two pairs of hands.

Another close up of Snow.

This is Storm. He is entirely resin (apart from the metal antlers) and his arms come separate.

Here is a size comparison. Storm is huge! Snow is already 30mm+ tall, so you can interpolate the height and size of Storm from this photo.

A shot from the back. There are very minimal air bubbles, mostly concentrated under the hooves.

This is a cleaned up Storm, with pins on the bits ready to be assembled.

I hope you have enjoyed this out of the box of Snow Storm!