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Sedition Wars: Akosha Nama

I finished Akosha Nama from Sedition Wars over the weekend, trying to find an effective way to paint characters quickly.
I started with a spray undercoat of GW Corax White, and then did two washes of Asurman Blue over her body suit, followed by a light drybrush of GW Lothern Blue.

Hair was done in GW Liche Purple, highlighted by mixing GW Skull White. Skin was P3 Midland Flesh with GW Ogryn Flesh Wash and highlighted with Midland Flesh and GW Skull White. Brown straps was Reaper Harvest Brown washed with Army Painter Strong Tone. Armour plates painted with GW Codex Grey. Armour plates painted GW Skull White. Finally, some scratches on her armour plates with a brush and a sponge, using Vallejo German Black Brown.

Sedition Wars: Painting Sci-Fi Bases

The Sedition Wars board game comes with some great sci-fi bases, all in hard plastic. I'll go through my process of painting them in this blog post.
I start by sticking them down with blu-tac (or whatever your local equivalent is) to a big board, and give the whole lot an undercoat of Chaos Black spray.
With an airbrush, I use Vallejo Air German Grey and spray all the main big areas of the bases, leaving a darker gap along details such as panel lines. I follow this with a second spray on a progressively smaller area of Vallejo Air Light grey. I then use the airbrush to pick out areas which I want lit up with P3 Arcane Blue (thinned with Windex). This is the start of the lighting effects on the bases. I then use a sponge (just a corner ripped off the foam backing in a blister pack) to dab on scratches. The scratches are Vallejo German Camo Black Brown.
I then had some Anarchy Stencils handy, so I jused a few to airbrush on some writing and designs onto a few of the bases. I used V…

Sedition Wars: Painting the Strain

Once upon a time, I backed a Kickstarter named Sedition Wars. And this month I decided to paint it - boardgame painting mode in full swing!

I started by undercoating a batch of the Strain with GW Corax White and gave each of them two coats of GW Carroburg Crimson.

Here are some shots with the first coat of the Carroburg Crimson wash. A close up of a phase 3 Strain showing all the details on the restic.
And a larger batch of them. After a second coat, the colour really gets a lot of depth. I worked in smaller groups of 3 to 4 models. The next step was to pick out the metal parts in Vallejo Air Steel. All the steel bits now got a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone. As I wanted a space prison theme, I painted all the clothing in orange. I found Army Painter Lava Orange was perfect, easily covering in 2 to 3 thin coats. Again I worked in batches, painting the orange in small groups. The orange was highlighted by mixing a small amount of GW Skull White (White Scar now) and layered up. The big…

Reaper Bones Mocking Beast

Here's a Reaper mocking beast (i.e. not-a-minic) I painted recently. Based up and ready to include with my Super Dungeon Explore.

Basically all washes, drybrushing and a few details picked out such as the teeth and tongue. Added some diamontes to the base for a bit of extra colour.

Hero Quest Barbarian and Conan Boardgame Size Comparison

So recently, I received my rewards from the Conan kickstarter by Monolith Games. What a crazy box of miniatures!  Since I had painted the Hero Quest barbarian and blogged about it recently, I thought I'd show you a comparison of the Conan miniatures so you can see the scale and size difference. 

It's a shame the light grey plastic fails to show off the details, but it definitely is quite a nice Conan miniature! Here's a photo of the awesome Amari miniature from Reaper's Pathfinder range as a comparison.

Amari (and the Reaper range in general) are better scaled with the original Hero Quest miniatures, but having said that, the Conan game does it's best to give you a full complement of heroes, anti-heroes and denizens if you wish to use them in your dungeon crawling game.
PS. Yes that is Sedition Wars in the background. More on that one next time.