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Rasputina Crew (Part 10)

I found some time to do some more work on Rasputina and her crew at the regular Tuesday painting nights over at Turelio's place.
Rasputina has gotten a bit of love, with the sash painted with Vallejo Blue Green, highlighted by mixing in Skull White. The goggles were painted Enchanted Blue, Highlighted with Skull White. I also cleaned up around her eyes with Elf Flesh and Skull White.
 A back view - you can see more of the sash here. The fur trim was overbrushed with Trollblood Highlight and then drybrused with Menoth White Highlight. I also added another layer of highlights of Menoth White Base and Hormagaunt Purple to the purple, but it doesn't really show through in the photos.
 The Ice Golem's base has been given a layer of watered down Jo Sonja's Texture Paste - next I'll add some grass tufts and add some more texture paste. I need to tweak my camera settings so that it keeps his face in focus in the photos. Apologies for this slightly blurry picture of him from t…

Out of the Box - Collodi (the Puppeteer) Starter Box

Here's an out of the box post with the new Malifaux set, Collodi. This is a new faction for the Neverborn from the Rising Powers expansion. According to the Wyrd website: Collodi performs on the streets of Malifaux out of his mobile cart. His eerie puppets dance and sing and amuse the spectators, but later, some of the spectators join the troupe... rather forcibly.The box comes with Collodi, four marionettes, and three wicked dolls. Here are the contents of the box: There are a total of eight miniatures (bases not in the shot):
Collodi himself has separate hands:
These little wicked dolls are all single piece models:
As are these four marionettes:
A close-up of hte wicked dolls:
And a close-up of Collodi:
And finally, this the box front and back as per the image on the Wyrd website: Hope you found this out of the box useful!

Malifaux - Rasputina Crew Update Again (More Ice Golem)

Back with another update - I did another level of highlights on the golem, I think he's pretty much done. I'll do some extra edge lining with white to add a final level of definition to him, and then it's just the base to do. Here is the golem from the back - he's a pretty blocky fellow! I tried to keep all the contrasts between the areas facing away from the light quite strong against the surfaces facing upwards. Though sometimes I feel he looks more like chrome than ice.
Here are the three Ice Gamin - I have added Silfor grass tufts to their base now. Next is to finish off building up the snow with the texture paste and flock, and then they'll be done. Right now the thin texture paste layer looks like a layer of really cold frost.
The last Ice Gamin:
Poor Rasputina hasn't changed since the last photo, but here is a clearer shot of her:
I guess it's time to now finish off the golem, base and all, and then do a burst of work to finish off Rasputina. I also got a …

Malifaux - Rasputina Crew Update Again

I had a game with Rasputina's crew vs. Ramos and friends, but it ended pretty horribly for Rasputina. The scenario was to plant evidence on the other side of the map, but we were playing in a bayou which really does not help when you have a slow crew to begin with. And damn those spiders and steamborgs with the arachnid ability to ignore terrain modifiers! Oh well, next time I shall have my revenge!

Anway, an update! I did some more work on the Ice Golem, adding Trollblood Base + Underbelly Blue, again paying attention to particular facets of his form that would catch the light. Further highlights will be added with Underbelly Blue.

 And here are the ice gamin, ready for some more watered down texture paste to build up the snow.
Ok enough for tonight, check back tomorrow for more updates!

Out of the Box - Born on the Bayou

Note: This is a repost of Born on the Bayou for the Out of the Box series.
So here they are out of the box. A few multi-piece models, but quite easy to assemble (especially when compared to some of the more complex figures like Misaki or the Peacekeeper). The trickiest is probably working out how to attach the pistol on Francois, and arranging the pig and Pere. Otherwise they're all nice simple pieces and ideal if you want a less complex kit to put together.

Malifaux - Rasputina Crew Update

Got a bit more work done on Rasputina and her crew - I have been reading the rules and I want to get them ready for a game. So I figured the best way to tie everything together is to paint their bases. Here's a group shot:
The bases are a mix of slate and texture paste, so they take quite readily to dry brushing. Here are the colours I have used on the base, most of it applied with a stiff bristle size 2 brush:
Base: Chaos Black + Charadon GraniteHighlight 1: Astronomican Grey DrybrushWash: Devlan Mud + Thraka GreenHighlight 2: Astronomican GreyHighlight 3: Menoth White BaseHighlight 4: Menoth White HighlightYou can see the colours after all these steps on the Ice Golem base: I have then mixed Jo Sonja's Texture Paste with water and started layering it on the Ice Gamin bases where ice and snow would gather (making sure it was around their feet). By mixing the texture paste with water, I can brush it on with a much smoother consistency. Here is a close up of the Ice Gamin: Most of …

Malifaux - Ice Gamin (Part 3) Plus Rasputina, and Ice Golem Update

Ok, so with the Ice Gamin progressing nicely, I thought I'd do a post with the rest of the crew (including the more-complete Ice Gamin).

Here's a shot of the Ice Gamin together - I still need to paint the claws on the left and right ones:
And individually, Ice Gamin 1:
Here is Ice Gamin 2:
And the original, Ice Gamin 3:
I've been highlighting up the Ice Golem with Trollblood Base, working on particular facets that would catch the light. The Trollblood Base colour also ties him back in with the Ice Gamin's colour scheme:
Ice Golem, from the back:
Ice Golem, from the left:
Ice Golem from the right:
It was 2009 when I last put paint to Rasputina, but now I've started adding more highlights to the purple clothes. Here she is from the front:
Rasputina, from the back:
Still a lot more to go but definitely usable on the tabletop now.

Malifaux - Ice Gamin (Part 2)

Back to the Ice Gamin, since I'm in a bit of a snow-covered terrain mood after finishing off the Polar Adventurers. These guys have been on my desk for ages, and I should really get them finished at some point... but at least having one fully painted gives me a good idea of the colours. So here we go:

These guys were airbrushed a mix of Trollblood Base and Chaos Black (they were previously painted a much lighter blue):
They were then given a highlight of Trollblood Base, leaving the darker mix in all the recesses.
Here they are with the already finished one.

Ok, now just the bulk of the painting to go... another update tomorrow so you can see the painted skin on the other two ice gamin (and also see how the rest of the crew is progressing).

Till then, take care!

Malifaux - Lady Justice and the Death Marshals (Finished!)

I realised I never posted the finished photos for these guys, so here they are, front and back, followed by some shots of the individual figures.

Lady Justice and the Death Marshals

Lady Justice
The Judge
The Death Marshals
Death Marshal 1
Death Marshal 2
Death Marshal 3
I entered the Death Marshals at Little Wars 2010 last year down in Melbourne, and to my surprise I managed to pick up Gold in the Unit category. This is the trophy I received, sculpted by Angora:

How to paint Lady Justice and the Death Marshals... also known as a summary of all the Work in Progress pages:
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8 (The Death Marshals meetup with Rob Jedi)Part 9That's what... almost 2 years to paint a crew? And then a few months for me to actually go and take photos of them. How embarrassing! Guess I need to get cracking on Rasputina and the Cult of December. Maybe I can get most of them done next week... hmmm.