Copplestone Polar Adventurers (Part 4) and Snow Basing Tutorial

So this is the last work in progress post for the Polar Adventurers - and I'll show you how I do the snow bases at the same time. Bonus!

Here are the two dudes, finished, with their bases drybrushed with Astronomican Grey and some Silfor grass tufts glued on.
And a back view. The MDF bases are great because I get so much surface area to work with for the same 25mm footprint. You'd be surprised how much space that bevel eats up. And they're also easier to pick up by the base compared to a bevelled slottabase.
So on to the snow part. For the basic white colour and bulk of the snow, I use Jo Sonja's Texture Paste - it comes in a jar for about $15.
This is what it looks like - thick buttery goo. The best thing is, that it is white, and dries a translucent white, so you know exactly where you've put it. You can apply it thicker to increase the opacity.
For these guys, I smear it on with a spatula (actually it is the GW sculpting tool).
I work it on nice and thick, and I gently brush over the grass tufts to give the effect of snow on the grass-ends. It is important to really get the paste in around the tuft as that is where snow would naturally build up over time.
Once done, I then dip the model in snow powder. The wet texture paste should allow a layer of snow powder to stick on top.
Gently tap and blow the excess snow powder off - I recommend doing this outside! Here are all the Polar Adventurers finished, sitting in their movement tray.
I need to go and brush all that powder off the edge of the base of the miniatures, and also the movement tray, and then see if there's any black paint that needs to be added to touch it up - I hate sloppy base rims with paint and basing material slapped on! But other than that, they're done and ready to go fight some polar bears!


John Lambshead said…
When you need to blow off powder outside do you say........I may be some time?

OK, I'll go now.

YsambartCourtin said…
John - heh. Thanks for the quick tutorial, I think my Thousand Sons could do with Artic basing - I'll tell you how it goes!
Andrew said…
@John - haha well, probably doesn't help I live in front of a bus stop either!

@Bart - let me know how the Thousand Sons go. You can pick up the texture paste in places like Spotlight. The snow powder is just stuff I got from Hobby Co. But any model train shop should sell it.

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