Malifaux - Rasputina Crew Update Again (More Ice Golem)

Back with another update - I did another level of highlights on the golem, I think he's pretty much done. I'll do some extra edge lining with white to add a final level of definition to him, and then it's just the base to do.
Here is the golem from the back - he's a pretty blocky fellow! I tried to keep all the contrasts between the areas facing away from the light quite strong against the surfaces facing upwards. Though sometimes I feel he looks more like chrome than ice.
Here are the three Ice Gamin - I have added Silfor grass tufts to their base now. Next is to finish off building up the snow with the texture paste and flock, and then they'll be done.
Right now the thin texture paste layer looks like a layer of really cold frost.
The last Ice Gamin:
Poor Rasputina hasn't changed since the last photo, but here is a clearer shot of her:
I guess it's time to now finish off the golem, base and all, and then do a burst of work to finish off Rasputina. I also got a Wendigo and an Essence of Power - though from my investigations it seems like the Essence of Power is the better totem to go with for Rasputina.

Till next time, and let me know if you have any recommendations on additions or strategies for the crew!


Vegel said…
wow nice!! Did you use paint brush or air brush? the golem looks huge!
Andrew said…
I tried to use an airbrush Initially but I went back to doing it by hand. I'll try and dig up the older work in progress shots for you in my next update.

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