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More Wyrd! Rasputina's Crew

Last week I got my Ice Gamins and Ice Golem to make up Rasputina's Crew for Malifaux. I've based the Ice Gamins up the same style as Rasputina, and I still need to finish off the base for the Ice Golem. These should be fun to paint - I plan to add snow to the rocks when it is finish, and decorate it with Mini-Natur pre-tufted grass patches that I picked up the other week from Realm of Legend.

I've also made some progress on the Death Marshals - I should mention, it's pretty traditional army painting technique here! My plan is to try and get them tabletop ready quickly, rather than for display.
I've painted the skin with Tanned Flesh and given it a layer of Bronzed Flesh mixed with Dwarf Flesh as the first highlight. I'll highlight them up by adding Rotting Flesh and Menoth White Highlight into the mix as they're meant to be all gaunt and pale.
The judge hasn't got much skin. I've decided to go with the lighter colour jacket like the official paintjob, …

Wyrd WIPs

Now that Golden Demon entries are done and dusted, it's time to relax with some fun stuff. Both my entries made it through to the regionals, so you'll be able to see them next weekend in the GW Sydney Battle Bunker on York Street. Anyway, onto other projects!

I've decided to join the Malifaux bandwagon with the Death Marshals. I had a Lady Justice as a prize from last year's Sydney Wyrd painting competition, so I picked up the rest of her crew at MOAB to make a playable faction.

The bases were built up with cheap Knead-It putty, and covered with Vallejo sandy paste. Sandy paste is fantastic, it dries with a really solid and tough finish, and saves me time as I don't have to seal it in with PVA glue if I were just using a sand and glue mix. The wooden slats were just a broken up stirring stick from Starbucks.

I also based up Rasputina (I've got the rest of her crew on order). Mine was the old packaging with the extra Hoar Cat, which I might end up sticking onto the…

Finished Deffkopta

Well, I got it done with the gretchin on the base. Found a bag of lichen from Ralph that I glued to the base as little trees too. I got a feeling the oil paint won't be dry for a few weeks... I used it sparingly between the panels.

Deffkopta Part 3

Things have progressed a bit. Just need to do some washes on the metal bits, add some more rust and weathering on them, and the kopta is done. I have a gretchin undercoated and ready to be stuck onto the base once it's painted.

Another Work in Progress Deffkopta

One more work in progress shot before I go to sleep. Have a lot to do on the base tomorrow night! I've added a gretchin there to see how it would look. Next to it is a kommando from my squad last year, just to make sure the colours look right.

Work in Progress Ork Deffkopta

So with a few days to go till Golden Demon, I started a new project, an Ork Deffkopta. I bought one to paint just for fun, and I'm approaching this more as a break from my other projects. It's really just an excuse to do lots of weathering techniques and try out the oil paints I got the other month.

Here is the assembled Deffkopta with lots of Tamiya putty to fill the gaps:

I undercoated it black. The Tamiya putty did a good job to smooth out the surfaces:

Half-way through painting. Basically all layering and drybrushing for the reds and metals. I painted a yellow flame pattern on the front, and then sponged on black and brown paint to do the weathering. The streaks were done with watered down brown, and the chips were painted on with Boltgun Metal.

I built up the base with plaster after securing on a flying stand. It's going to be a desert base with tufts of grass. I might add an additional gretchin if I have time.