Work in Progress Ork Deffkopta

So with a few days to go till Golden Demon, I started a new project, an Ork Deffkopta. I bought one to paint just for fun, and I'm approaching this more as a break from my other projects. It's really just an excuse to do lots of weathering techniques and try out the oil paints I got the other month.

Here is the assembled Deffkopta with lots of Tamiya putty to fill the gaps:

I undercoated it black. The Tamiya putty did a good job to smooth out the surfaces:

Half-way through painting. Basically all layering and drybrushing for the reds and metals. I painted a yellow flame pattern on the front, and then sponged on black and brown paint to do the weathering. The streaks were done with watered down brown, and the chips were painted on with Boltgun Metal.

I built up the base with plaster after securing on a flying stand. It's going to be a desert base with tufts of grass. I might add an additional gretchin if I have time.


Mae said…
Oooh- looks good so far~ The base looks like snow at the moment. :D Wonder how it will look like all weathered under your expert paintwork. :o

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