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Dropzone Commander - PHR (Part 6 - Hades Super-Heavy Walker)

Finally upto the big guy. I decided to articulate my Hades after reading this fantastic forum post. I made some slight changes and went with a 10mm ring magnet with a 6mm ball bearing, instead of having the magnets in the tail gun itself. The 10mm ring magnet fits perfectly in the socket. I added a piece of plasticard underneath it so it would sit flush with the top of the tail

I didn't bother putting a hinge through the join where the tail meets the body, as there was enough friction from the resin to keep it in place.

The gun can articulate fully now and is very secure. Ring magnets are very strong!

The tail folded down, so walker can be picked up by a Poseidon.

I drilled a hole in the center of the model using a 3mm bit. This way I can fit the Hades onto a flight stand.

Here you can see a photo with a widget attached. It's not really visible when the walker is on the ground, but it adds some extra stability rather than having the flight stand stick into the walker itself.