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Dropzone Commander - PHR (Part 3)

So with the troops finished, it was time to start on some vehicles. As dropships are the bread and butter of Dropzone Commander, I thought it was probably best I get the trio of Neptune medium dropships painted first.
I found inspiration from some other folks who did pre-shading, basically follow the panel lines with a dark colour like black, and then gradually build up the colours on top. This leaves a very subtle shading effect.

The Neptune below has had Menoth White Base spray painted over the black pre-shading. You can see by following the more prominent surface areas, the base colour is less intense around the panel lines and on the sides.

Here are the remaining two Neptunes. I admit I'm not terribly accurate with the airbrush in following the lines, but luckily this technique allowed me a lot of slack to be messy.

The Neptune below has had a few coats of Menoth White Base, but there's still a few more coats to go till I get the desired opacity.

Here are the trio of Nept…

Dropzone Commander - PHR (Part 2)

This post is all about PHR Immortals. These guys were painted last Christmas, but I didn't get a chance to write about them until now - timing is not so bad given the Dropzone Commander 2 Player Starter is just around the corner. After cleaning, I glued all the figures down to some plywood bases, and sprayed them black.

I used a very minimal colour palette consisting of Menoth White Base, Menoth White Highlight and Skull White for the armour. Chaos black was painted in the edges, and for the visors, I used Cygnar Blue Highlight, and highlited it by mixing in Skull White. Weapons were painted Lead Belcher and washed with Badab Black.

Here are some shots of the figures glued to the bases (sorry I didn't take any photos of them during painting - they were pretty quick to do and in the end I did them mostly in a single sitting).

I experimented with the bases, using Vallejo Sandy Paste to do the textures. They were painted with Bestial Brown, and gradually drybrushed up with Snake…