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Dystopian Wars: Prussian Reinforcements (Part 2)

A bit more progress on my reinforcements last night.

I hand-painted in the metal areas with Vallejo Air Steel, and then gave both the gold and steel with Army Painter Dark Tone.

The airships have had the ribbing painted in steel.

And the tiny flyers painted in Greatcoat Grey after a drybrush of Burnished Gold.

And here's my 4 extra frigates. One has a dodgy prow, but I repaired it with brown stuff. They've had the decks painted and I started painting in the gold areas.

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire Reinforcements (Part 1)

I've started on a few new pieces to reinforce my Prussian Empire army:

2 Metzger Robots2 Scout Airships4 Frigates2 Tiny Flyers I started by undercoating everything black. The inner workings of the robots were airbrushed with Vallejo Gold.
The airships were airbrushed Vallejo Dark Yellow. Here's one I did earlier, and one that's still black.

I followed through by airbrushing the recesses with Foundry Drab (A) mixed with Tamiya Hull Red, then Hull Red mixed with Flat Black. I then cleaned up the yellow again with the Dark Yellow.

I picked out the major grey areas on the Metzgers with watered down P3 Greatcoat Grey. It was quicker to do this by hand then by airbrush, but I will go and add the highlights with airbrushing in the next stage.

With the Frigates, I've followed the same steps as my existing ships, so there's nothing interesting to show. Hopefully I'll have these reinforcements done up relatively quickly. Till next time!