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Holmes and Watson Progress Photos

Here are some WIP shots of Holmes and Watson I've been working on. They are from Reaper's Chronoscape range. These photos are by no means comprehensive or a tutorial, they are just at points where I decided I'd stop and take a photo! In fact, it's not even a tutorial, it's just the process I took to paint them given the constraints I had.

Holmes and Watson

So Holmes and Watson come with a number of options for their hands. I chose a lantern and pipe for Holmes, and a gun and briefcase for Watson.
Cleaned up and glued onto temporary bases. As they'd both share the same base when finished, it would be easier to paint them separately.
As I had less than a week to paint them, I went for the simple but effective Foundry style, with the aim to add more emphasis to the faces as these would be the focal points. In this photo I've blocked in the base colours and started the first highlights on Holmes' coat and pants.
More layers added in this next photo, mostly finis…

Malifaux: More Lady Justice and Rasputina

Another Malifaux update - they're slowly coming together. Right now I'm upto the "neaten them up" stage, as you can see with the Death Marshal crew below. I took this photo right after I painted Snakebite Leather on their bases, so the paint is still a bit wet and shiny. Death Marshals: I've added a Devlan Mud wash to the coffins, you can see it really brings out all those wood planks and the wood grain texture.

Lady Justice: I gave her hair a wash of Gryphon Sepia, but that ended up being almost invisible, so I resorted to Devlan Mud afterwards. I've then proceeded to neaten up all the overspill of the Bloodstone colour by painting over her clothing, straps, sword, etc. with Chaos Black.
The Judge: Like Lady Justice above, I've neatened up the other details and areas where I've splashed the drab colour from the coat and the skin on his face onto.
Rasputina: I've painted the fur trims of her coat and her hat with P3 Trollblood Highlight. It's a ni…

Malifaux: Lady Justice and Rasputina Update

A small update on my Malifaux crew, as I'm still working away on them. Currently, both crews are in the "messy" stage where I tend to try and get nice even coverage on the largest areas of the figures, and then working on getting them right before I clean it up and move onto the smaller areas and details. All of the colours below are minor variations of the "official" colours on the box, as these are meant to be used as demonstration figures.
Getting these large areas painted first means that if you do have any games or demos, the figures are in a presentable fashion where the opponent can at least identify them with the painted areas of colour.
The Death Marshals

Lady Justice: I've got a few basic shades on her skin, and started on the hair. In fact, Lady Justice seems to be about 40% hair, so it's important to get it all painted consistently. I've started it with a basecoat of P3 Bloodstone.
The Death Marshals: I have started work on the trenchcoats …

Quick Weathered Bases

Mae from Space Kitties and I had a few painting sessions recently working on a set of Studio Miniatures' excellent range of zombies. I'm still in the process of sorting out a new camera, but here's a tutorial and sneak-peek of what we've done.

In this post, I'll just cover how I finished off the bases with a nice weathered, dirty hospital floor look. I started by using blu-tack to stick the eight bases to a small tile to make holding them all easier (especially for the painting stages).

I did the textures in Milliput - first I mashed them flat with my fingers, and finished off rolling it flush using a thick marker pen as a rolling pin. I then used a razor blade to cut in the tiles, pushing the razor in and moving it from side to side to get a rough "V" shaped groove.
I decided to paint them with the airbrush, as bases look great with the subtle tones, and also because it's easy and good practice! They have been airbrushed with Tamiya Flat Brown and highl…

Orc Warboss WIP Part 3

The last part of the work in progress posts for my Orc warboss, here the banner is awaiting to be painted with the sunz logo weathered: The banner was removed for painting in this shot. You can find the tutorial here and here. While the banner was elsewhere, I took the opportunity to deepen up the metallics with a lot of Badab Black and Devlan Mud wash, brushed on and then "pushed" around to get it in the right areas. The same can be achieved with watered down paint, but I decided to try using the washes exclusively on the metallics.
And from the back. Some areas of the sword I had to redo several times, I carefully scraped off the paint with a razor and restarted with the basecoat and then worked the shades up again. I did this on two occassions, once because I was not happy with the finish as it ended up a bit lumpy, and a second time because I accidentally got a dab of Graveyard Earth paint on the blade and could not clean it off...
And the final shots of the model about to …

Orc Warboss WIP Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of painting of the orc warboss!

I started with a black undercoat for this fellow, usually it doesn't make a difference to me, but the large areas of armour meant that black was an easier colour to work with for me to get the inital metallics in. The orc skin would follow the same colour scheme for my Kommandos from last year.

The photo below shows the Orc with the base colours blotted in (quite messily). I've also worked in a basic design for the shoulderpad, based off the one from Rob Jedi's warboss from 2001:
Continuing working in the base colours. See the sword above and below - I use multiple thin coats than one thick coat. It means you'll have to put up with blotchiness as you work up the layers, but it does give a smoother result in the end. I've also done the base and the boar in the below picture:
I worked in the shading on the horns, they are the same on both the warboss and the boar to tie them together. I went with the darkest colour …

Orc Warboss WIP Part 1

Golden Demon is over for another year, and my main entry this year was an Orc Warboss on a boar. You can find the results and funny photos over at OzPainters. Official photos are also up on the Games Workshop website.

I managed to get a Silver in Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniature, which was great, as there's something special about winning in the single figure categories. I need to retake the final photos of my Warboss, but for now (and the next 2 posts) I'll show the work-in-progress photos I took for my entry.

Here is a photo of the unassembled warboss (though I had glued the boar head to the plastic body). The orc and boar were left unmodified, with the exception of the metal shield off the wyvern character and a plastic banner.
Here is the Orc glued together, and the boar stuck with blu-tack to a base to get an idea of how I wanted the rocks and the final pose.
And a shot from the other side:
And with the plastic banner fitted and a base made. Here are shots from different ang…