Orc Warboss WIP Part 3

The last part of the work in progress posts for my Orc warboss, here the banner is awaiting to be painted with the sunz logo weathered:
The banner was removed for painting in this shot. You can find the tutorial here and here. While the banner was elsewhere, I took the opportunity to deepen up the metallics with a lot of Badab Black and Devlan Mud wash, brushed on and then "pushed" around to get it in the right areas. The same can be achieved with watered down paint, but I decided to try using the washes exclusively on the metallics.
And from the back. Some areas of the sword I had to redo several times, I carefully scraped off the paint with a razor and restarted with the basecoat and then worked the shades up again. I did this on two occassions, once because I was not happy with the finish as it ended up a bit lumpy, and a second time because I accidentally got a dab of Graveyard Earth paint on the blade and could not clean it off...
And the final shots of the model about to be taken to the Golden Demons (actually, I think I took these before the NSW Regionals because I hadn't taken any finished shots before the Local round). There's a lot of little touches added to really bring the model to live, such as scratches on the metals and the orc skin, gloss in the mouth and nose of the Orc's face, picking out some individual furs on the boar to name a few.

Here's a shot from the front (and the best angle IMO):
The handling base was made out of three sheets of plasticard glued together and the edges filed flush. From the back:
From the right:
From the left, showing the shield:


oni said…
WOW! That is good. Nice job.

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