Malifaux: Lady Justice and Rasputina Update

A small update on my Malifaux crew, as I'm still working away on them. Currently, both crews are in the "messy" stage where I tend to try and get nice even coverage on the largest areas of the figures, and then working on getting them right before I clean it up and move onto the smaller areas and details. All of the colours below are minor variations of the "official" colours on the box, as these are meant to be used as demonstration figures.

Getting these large areas painted first means that if you do have any games or demos, the figures are in a presentable fashion where the opponent can at least identify them with the painted areas of colour.

The Death Marshals

Lady Justice: I've got a few basic shades on her skin, and started on the hair. In fact, Lady Justice seems to be about 40% hair, so it's important to get it all painted consistently. I've started it with a basecoat of P3 Bloodstone.

The Death Marshals: I have started work on the trenchcoats and their coffins. The coats were painted Beastial Brown, and the coffins with Foundry Drab Midtone (12B).

The Judge: He was basically all coat! I did his coat in Foundry Drab Highlight (12C) to tie it back with the other Death Marshals. I'll give them all black pants, and tie that back in with Lady Justice's black gloves and top.

The Cult of December

Ice Gamins: The three little Ice Gamins were painted with enchanted blue and given an overspray on the airbrush with Tamiya Light Sea Grey, though I'm not really liking how they're turning out, so I think I'll redo them. I'm finding the blue just a tad too vivid, as I tend to like a more natural look to my miniatures. I'm going to redo them with P3 Trollblood Base and basically follow the same colour scheme and highlights for Trollblood skin (going from Blue to a warm grey to a flesh tone).

Ice Golem: The Ice Golem was given a basecoat of Hawk Turquoise and given a light overspray on the airbrush with Tamiya Light Sea Grey to pick out the upper surfaces. I then washed it with GW Badab Black ink.

Rasputina: She has been painted in a similar colour scheme the box, but I've gone for a much warmer skin tone, and a darker purple. I've used VG Dwarf Flesh as the base and VG Pale Flesh as the highlight on her skin. Her purple dress has been basecoated with GW Hormagaunt Purple mixed with P3 Menoth White Base, and her stockings have been painted with the same purple with a lot more white base mixed in. The alternating grey strips have been done with GW Charadon Granite.
Stay tuned for more on these two crews! I'm aiming to get them mostly finished before I leave for Christmas Holidays in two weeks time.


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