Orc Warboss WIP Part 1

Golden Demon is over for another year, and my main entry this year was an Orc Warboss on a boar. You can find the results and funny photos over at OzPainters. Official photos are also up on the Games Workshop website.

I managed to get a Silver in Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniature, which was great, as there's something special about winning in the single figure categories. I need to retake the final photos of my Warboss, but for now (and the next 2 posts) I'll show the work-in-progress photos I took for my entry.

Here is a photo of the unassembled warboss (though I had glued the boar head to the plastic body). The orc and boar were left unmodified, with the exception of the metal shield off the wyvern character and a plastic banner.
Here is the Orc glued together, and the boar stuck with blu-tack to a base to get an idea of how I wanted the rocks and the final pose.
And a shot from the other side:
And with the plastic banner fitted and a base made. Here are shots from different angles, ready to be pained.
From the right:
From the left:
And the back:
The banner is from the plastic Marauders boxed set, but with the details filed off. I used Tamiya Putty to smooth out the plastic. I hadn't decided on an adornment for the top yet at this stage. The base is slate and Knead-it, finished off with Vallejo texture paste.

Next post: the painting!


Mae said…
Once again, grats~ I really liked what you did with the Orc warboss. :3
Andrew said…
Thanks Mae... I got a lot of blog posts to catch up on!

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