Malifaux: More Lady Justice and Rasputina

Another Malifaux update - they're slowly coming together. Right now I'm upto the "neaten them up" stage, as you can see with the Death Marshal crew below. I took this photo right after I painted Snakebite Leather on their bases, so the paint is still a bit wet and shiny.
Death Marshals: I've added a Devlan Mud wash to the coffins, you can see it really brings out all those wood planks and the wood grain texture.

Lady Justice: I gave her hair a wash of Gryphon Sepia, but that ended up being almost invisible, so I resorted to Devlan Mud afterwards. I've then proceeded to neaten up all the overspill of the Bloodstone colour by painting over her clothing, straps, sword, etc. with Chaos Black.
The Judge: Like Lady Justice above, I've neatened up the other details and areas where I've splashed the drab colour from the coat and the skin on his face onto.
Rasputina: I've painted the fur trims of her coat and her hat with P3 Trollblood Highlight. It's a nice grey beige colour that should form a nice base for the trims, which I plan to have a final off-white colour.
I've got my new camera ordered too! So expect some new photos of stuff (such as my Orc) in the next few days. Also thanks to Ryan from the FTW Bloggers Group for featuring my Orc in this week's Tuesday Top Ten!


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