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Hero Quest: Barbarian Repair and Restoration (Part 2)

Part 1 is here!
So after a year of having this guy sit on the shelf, I finally returned to him to see if I can get this project finished.
I started with a Skull White spray undercoat. Next came an airbrush coat of Vallejo Air Dwarf Flesh.
I then gave the skin a good wash with Army Painter Soft Tone. Finally I started with painting the eyes and highlighting with Vallejo Air Dwarf Flesh and Pale Flesh. Only the face, abs and fingers done so far. I'll follow this technique over the rest of the skin areas next.

Reaper Bones: Kraken

Managed to finish this Reaper Bones Kraken. I tried for a tinted blue base to give the feeling of underwater, but kept the kraken itself in strong contrasting colours.

Here are a number of work in progress photos (and the full size versions of the above photos at the bottom):

The base was actually painted in normal colours, and then tinted with blue paint via an airbrush.

I mixed the original colour with blue to dry-brush back up the texture, and also used washes to tone down the blues.

Kelp was added using foil and dressmaker pins, and then airbrushed and added to the base.

Here are the full size photos against the black backdrop.