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LOTR Cave Troll

I've been quite busy the last 3 months with a lot of real life boring stuff, and I haven't really had that much of a chance to paint anything! But here's a quick post of something that has been sitting on my desk for a while.
I got this guy in a GW store auction about 3 years ago - he's just a fun big figure to practice some different techniques on. I assembled his pretty much as the instructions, except I filed off the chain across his torso - I'll add some real chain later as it will look better flailing in the air.
This is an all over air-brush of Charadon Granite over the undercoat. It will form a nice base for deeper oil washes rather than pure black. Dheneb Stone was then airbrushed onto the torso and underarm areas, using photos from the movies and the studio paint job as reference.
Two oil washes - the first, a thinner wash of Burnt Umber around the lighter flesh parts, working it into where it transitions to the darker skin. A second wash of Black on the bumpy…