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WIP Aetherworks Buildings (and a Covered Wagon)

I have to admit, this year I have not had much time or motivation to paint display or competition level miniatures. Instead, I have been doing a lot of work on gaming quality pieces, and in particular, a lot of terrain from Aetherworks (including helping Rob on the town display, and doing the demo buildings for the Warmachine demonstration table at CanCon). Anyway, here are a few work in progress buildings on my table at the moment.
The steak house is just a bit of fun. I got a custom steak house sign done up and my idea was that it would be ideal for zombie apocalypse or crazy theme-park horror games. It's not yet finished, I am debating whether to do a corrugated iron roof to "Australian" it up or continue painting the brown.

 Here is another building, this time a bank. I figured everyone wants to visit the bank, so it was essential there was enough parking (i.e. space to hitch your horse) out the front, hence the two hitching posts. The brick was really easy to paint…

Cool Mini or Not Annual 2010

This is a shameless plug as I got a few of my miniatures featured in the Cool Mini or Not Annual 2010. You can purchase it off their website, or if you are in Australia and want to get it from someone local, you can find at Aetherworks.