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Darksword Sorceress: Montage Shot

Ok, here's the sorceress from different angles.

If anyone is curious, I will have a few of my painted models (mostly RPG characters) for sale at the Aetherworks booth.

Darksword Sorceress

I have a lot of work in progress of miniatures and other things to show, but I want to get this one up first. I finished it last night as a gift for a friend. Basically kept the illustration colour scheme, but changed the hair to black. The OSL was a quickie with brush work then a light finish of the airbrush, and the plinth is one of the Aetherworks round 40mm display plinths.

I'll get some shots up from other angles up in my next post.

And don't forget, MOAB is this weekend (in Sylvania), I will be helping run the painting competition, so looking forward to catching up if you are going to be there!

Nurgle Champion

Ok it's been absolutely ages since I posted anything, but this is one of those "I'm still alive!" posts.
I don't actually have anything recent to show off, but here is a WIP I started way back in January at the  OzPainters Nurgle Workshop. The below shot was taken by Weisern on the day:

And this is a photo I took at home after I worked on him a bit more:
The colours for the armour are: Base Coat 1: Cryx Bane BaseBase Coat 2: Gretchin GreenShading: Badab Black, Baal Red, Hormagaunt PurpleHighlights: Rotting Flesh, Menoth White Highlight Ok I'll need to start thinking about regular posts again...