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Nurgle Daemon Prince

I need to fiddle around with my camera a bit more - ended up with a fairly reddy hue to the backdrop. Anyway, my entry for 40k Large - a Daemon Prince of Nurgle. Still in his maggot infested terminator armour, and little nurgling hitching a ride on the top.

Gandalf the Grey

My Lord of the Rings single figure entry! This is a photo of Gandalf from 4 years ago, when Fellowship of the Rings came out! But I tarted him up for single figure (well... I didn't really put much effort into it). So here is another of my Golden Demon entries for this year. Enjoy!

I also found out that the Round 1 Results are now available too! Congratulations to all the qualifiers.

Grey Knight Brother Captain

I painted this fellow in February 2004, originally planned as a Golden Demon entry for 2003 but never got him finished in time. I've entered him in a few things since then, but he's failed to place every time, so I'm resolved to keep entering him till he places somewhere. So long story short, this is my entry for Warhammer 40000 Single Figure this year (though I doubt he'll even get close to placing, I've seen some fantastic entries in single already that wipe the floor with this entry).

You can also vote for him on CoolMiniOrNot, though the site seems to be down at the moment so I can't fetch the link.

Golden Demon Store Qualifier

I posted these stats on WargamerAU but I thought I'd might as well turn it into a blog post.

I went to my local store (Chatswood) today. Entries were good in some categories, and next to non-existant in others. I made some new friends, and all 4 of my entries made it through to the next round (though I expect casualties at that stage).

Off the top of my head, some rough numbers for the categories:

40k single ~15-20 entries - by far the best entries were in here.
40k squad ~2 entries
40k large ~10 entries

Fantasy single 1 entry
Fantasy unit 1 entry
Fantasy large No entries

LOTR single 3 entries
LOTR large 1 entry

Duel 1 entry

Youngbloods - lots in all the categories, especially 40k single.

Anyway, I was happy one of my models got it's own round of applause during the awards ceremony - like it has a life of it's own. ;)

As you can see there weren't many fantasy entries. I regret not finishing my Fantasy entries now! I wonder how many other stores had categories with slim representatio…

My Work Area, Before GD

The obligatory work area photo for this year as I get my entries done for the Golden Demon painting competition.

This year things are cleaner than usual, due to a number of plastic boxes I have purchased to house my 200+ pots of paint, and a motivation to keep things clean as I procrastinate.

Midori the Monk

Another repost today - madly painting to get my Golden Entries finished for tomorrow!

Manufacturer:Reaper Miniatures

Range: Dark Heaven

Sculptor: Sandy Garrity

Scale: 28mm

Wanted to try and give her a look as if she's stepping out of a page of a cartoon. I'm quite happy with the way the NMM sword turned out. Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures

Nurgle Lord on Horse

Another quick repost for today.

Manufacturer:Games Workshop Range:Warhammer 40,000 Sculptor:Jes Goodwin Scale: 30mm This fellow is so cool. I'm not sure why I bought him... I think it was because I could steal the raven on the sign for something else. Anyway, I decided to try and paint him up for Baltimore GD 2003, unfortunately I only got as far as the green armour on the dude. He had a miscast pointing finger, so I resculpted it with greenstuff and wire. Ironically, his banner is a standard I bought at Baltimore GD's bitz sale. The blade of the polearm is made from plasticard. The water is clear cast resin, with cat tails made from wire and putty. The plant is actually a couple of strands of thistle …

Iron Kingdoms Ordic Pistolier

Today's figure - an Iron Kingdoms Ordic Pistolier. This is the figure I painted for the Chick Challenge this year. Up till that point I hadn't actually painted anything for about 6 months. Painted with a mexican theme, and a teal corset - basically a similar colour scheme to the official paintjob.

French Foreign Legion

I painted these guys in 2004 (I have a unit of 20 troopers). They are made and sculpted by Gerry Webb of Castaway Arts, who do an excellent range of 28mm colonial wargaming miniatures, and are of a comparable size to Foundry and Copplestone models. You may have seen these guys pop up in Castaway Art advertisements in Broadsword and in convention booklets. My next project with Castaway Art miniatures is some pre-WWII German soldiers carrying an ark (sound familiar?).

Bandai 144th Scale Zaku II

So far the weekend has been busy - but I am well on the way to finishing my unit for Golden Demon (leaving a whole lot of single and large figures to finish this week).

Here is another repost - I painted this up for Animania in 2003. Animania is a Japanese cultural (in particular, anime) convention held in Sydney each year, and for 2003 and 2004 at least, they had a modelling competition. I placed second in 2003, and managed to win a Master Grade Eva Prototype kit. I haven't gone to Animania since then due to the increasing cost and decreasing number of events there that interest me, so I haven't had much reason to do any anime kits recently (though I hope to after I get these Golden Demon entries out of the way).

Manufacturer:BandaiRange: Gundam Scale: 1/144th Comments: For Animania. Tried out some new clear polyurethane resin I purchased for the water.

Inquisitor scale Sister of Battle

Today is a repost. Golden Demon 2005 is coming up for Australia, so I thought I'd post my 2001 entry. They picked up Bronze in what turned out to be a hotly contested Inquisitor category for that year. The Sister of Battle is sculpted from scratch using milliput and greenstuff. The only GW parts are the top of the banner pole and the magazine off her bolt pistol.

Manufacturer:Games Workshop Range: Inquisitor Sculptor: Sister of Battle (me), Redemptionist Priest (Alex Headstrom) Scale: 54mm Comments: The full entry for Golden Demon 2001. Apart from the Sister, I'm not too happy how this one turned out.

Reaper Lord Stronghart

Another new one today! Some people have said this guy looks like Elric.

Manufacturer:Reaper Miniatures Range: Dark Heaven Sculptor: Werner Klocke Scale: 28mm Comments: Pretty straightforward paintjob, the teal and purple work nice together. I did a bit of freehand on the cloak to make it interesting.

Reaper Warlord Nirodel the Elf

Today's update is not a repost of an old model! Painted in early 2004, when I was painting a lot of Reaper miniatures at that time.

Manufacturer:Reaper Miniatures Range: Warlords Sculptor:Werner Klocke Scale:30mm Painted this fellow after watching a lot of Lord of the Rings (and I didn't want to paint the official miniatures). I tried to give him the pretty elf look, with the rosy cheeks and glazed blue eyes.

Foundry Great Orc

Another repost! Painted in late 2002, an experiment with grey NMM and bright colours - unfortunately I didn't have a good blue, the one I used looks a bit dull.

Manufacturer:FoundryRange:Great Orcs Sculptor:Kev Adams Scale: 28mm Went with solid bright colours - took me a while to finish mainly because some bits got a bit tedious to paint.

Gauntfield the Scarecrow

Today I present Gauntfield the Scarecrow, painted late 2002 for a Fantization contest! Just in time for Halloween this year.

Manufacturer:Reaper Miniatures Range: Warlords Sculptor:Bob Ridolfi Scale:30mm My first and only Warlords miniature. I painted him for the Fantization online contest, unfortunately he was a bit rushed when I entered him. I've now gone back and done a lot of fixing up so he looks better. I didn't quite pull off the rust NMM - oh well, better luck on the next model.

Empire Miniatures Archer Unit

Another one, painted late 2002. It's a shame Kelly's Empire Miniatures seems to have disappeared. These were such nice models, with a lot of character! I took these with me to America in 2003 and they were very well received.

Manufacturer:Empire Miniatures Range:Late Medieval Sculptor:Kelly Baigent Scale: 28mm This unit was painted up for the WSGS Display Day in Sydney, Australia February 2003. The theme was units, and they got second place for 28mm. They also won first place historical unit at Origins in Columbus, Ohio, June 2003.

CMoN Grom the Barbarian

Spent most of the day converting models for my Golden Demon OZ entry. Only two weeks to go!

Anyway, here's another oldie - this time it's Grom the Barbarian, painted around February 2003 for the first Cool Mini or Not contest. I managed to place in the top 10, which meant automatic inclusion into the next (2004/2005. yet to be published) Annual, so you'll see him in print soon I hope!

Manufacturer:Cool Mini or NotRange:CMoN Contest Sculptor: Unknown Scale: 30mm Went for a stone sword as it is so big a metal one wouldn't have looked right. Its meant to be obsidian, matching the stones on the ground.

Praetorian Command Squad

Another repost - this time my Praetorian Command Squad. I painted this in 2002 for a local GW store competition. I ended up winning a voucher that I would later spend on a plastic rhino (which is still unpainted and sitting in my cupboard). These models would later form the inspiration for my 2003 Golden Demon duel.

When I was in Bristol in July, the winning Conflict Bristol army was on display at the local Games Workshop store, and turned out to be a Praetorian Imperial Guard army painted in the same khaki scheme, with some fantastic additions such as an elephant chimera, power-suit ogres, and a steam tank Leman Russ.

Manufacturer:Games Workshop Range: Warhammer 40,000 Sculptor:Michael and Alan Perry Scale:30mm Boer War/Sudan inspired Imperial Guardsmen. Resculpted the shoulders on them.

Flintloque Toad Trooper

First photo repost from the old website! This frog was painted in 2003 after I did a round the world trip visiting America, UK and France (I didn't mention in the original comments, but I actually started painting him in France when I stayed with Jeremie). I look at it in my shelf and it reminds me of the fun times I had with some great friends during 2003. You can see the other Toads painted up at the Deus Ex Machina frog gallery.

Manufacturer:Alternative Armies Range:Flintloque Scale: 28mm Jason Moses purchased a pack of toads and gave one each to myself, Tom Schadle and Joel Patton to commemerate our time together during Games Day Baltimore and Origins. I tried doing a fancier base for him, and used very natural tones (and normal metallics). I went for a fairly standard era blue, white and red uniform. The toad's skin is military green highlighted with Russian winter green. The model was glued onto a standard round ba…


Welcome to my revamped website to showcase miniatures and models I have painted and sculpted. I have decided to go for a much simplier blog approach, as the old galleries were getting too large and unwieldy to maintain. If you have a blog or website of your own relating to miniature painting and wish for me to link you, let me know.

Over the next few weeks I shall slowly reupload the images that were previously on this website, along with new photos for the ones that were previously lower quality scans. I've already crossposted a majority of my photos on CoolMiniOrNot or DeviantArt anyway, so if you want to see things in a gallery style you can always go there.