Praetorian Command Squad

Another repost - this time my Praetorian Command Squad. I painted this in 2002 for a local GW store competition. I ended up winning a voucher that I would later spend on a plastic rhino (which is still unpainted and sitting in my cupboard). These models would later form the inspiration for my 2003 Golden Demon duel.

When I was in Bristol in July, the winning Conflict Bristol army was on display at the local Games Workshop store, and turned out to be a Praetorian Imperial Guard army painted in the same khaki scheme, with some fantastic additions such as an elephant chimera, power-suit ogres, and a steam tank Leman Russ.

Manufacturer: Games Workshop

Range: Warhammer 40,000

Sculptor: Michael and Alan Perry

Scale: 30mm

Boer War/Sudan inspired Imperial Guardsmen. Resculpted the shoulders on them.


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