Nurgle Lord on Horse

Another quick repost for today.

Manufacturer: Games Workshop

Range: Warhammer 40,000

Sculptor: Jes Goodwin

Scale: 30mm

This fellow is so cool. I'm not sure why I bought him... I think it was because I could steal the raven on the sign for something else. Anyway, I decided to try and paint him up for Baltimore GD 2003, unfortunately I only got as far as the green armour on the dude. He had a miscast pointing finger, so I resculpted it with greenstuff and wire.

Ironically, his banner is a standard I bought at Baltimore GD's bitz sale. The blade of the polearm is made from plasticard. The water is clear cast resin, with cat tails made from wire and putty. The plant is actually a couple of strands of thistle from a broom.

This fellow was a lot of fun to paint. I basically opened all my pots of khaki, olive, beige and brown paints and went nuts blending different colours and trying new combinations. The natural look works very well on him, and I'll have to try it on more Nurgle models in the future.

This model placed second at Australian Games Day Golden Demon 2003 for Fantasy Large Model, being beaten by an excellent Nurgle Dragon Ogre.


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