Golden Demon Store Qualifier

I posted these stats on WargamerAU but I thought I'd might as well turn it into a blog post.

I went to my local store (Chatswood) today. Entries were good in some categories, and next to non-existant in others. I made some new friends, and all 4 of my entries made it through to the next round (though I expect casualties at that stage).

Off the top of my head, some rough numbers for the categories:

40k single ~15-20 entries - by far the best entries were in here.
40k squad ~2 entries
40k large ~10 entries

Fantasy single 1 entry
Fantasy unit 1 entry
Fantasy large No entries

LOTR single 3 entries
LOTR large 1 entry

Duel 1 entry

Youngbloods - lots in all the categories, especially 40k single.

Anyway, I was happy one of my models got it's own round of applause during the awards ceremony - like it has a life of it's own. ;)

As you can see there weren't many fantasy entries. I regret not finishing my Fantasy entries now! I wonder how many other stores had categories with slim representation for some categories. Either that, or Sydney is so saturated with GW stores that painters are distributed far and wide. Anyway, at least it was good competition in the 40k categories, and I got photos of the 40k single qualifiers which I might post later after I send them to the respective artists first.

And a special picture for today, one of the WIP shots from my 40k Squad entry. I feel like teasing you all. Maybe I'll post a few more after the next round of qualifiers.


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