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Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire (Part 1)

Our group has been getting into Dystopian Wars, so I've decided to work on a Prussian Empire army. I only have the contents of a naval starter box - though one of the frigates is damaged so I need to get a replacement, so you only see 8 instead of 9 frigates being painted (I do have a replacement from a blister, but I'd rather get the broken one exchanged first). Here's an assortment of photos from the last 2 painting sessions.

All the pieces ready to undercoat. They're intermingled with a Blazing Sun box in the photo.

Airbrushing the decking. Three colours: P3 Rucksack Tan, P3 Jack Bone, P3 Menoth White Highlight.

After airbrush, a coat of Army Painter Soft Tone to bring out all the detail.

All the brass bits painted with GW Balthasar Gold. Washed with Army Painter Soft Tone.

Gunmetal done with GW Leadbelcher. Black trim done with GW Chaos Black.

Greys painted with Greatcoat Grey. As it currently stands, I need to finish the grey on all the models.

Here's a group…