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Hero Quest: Barbarian Repair and Restoration (Part 3)

The last part of my Hero Quest Barbarian restoration project. All finished and ready to smash some heads in the next game of Hero Quest (or any other dungeon crawl that needs a buff meat shield). For the previous instalments:
Part 1Part 2 Here he is with the rest of the flesh finished. Same technique as described in Part 2. I also added some Burnt Umber oil paint to add some further depth to the shadows.

I base-coated the other parts of him brown or black. I used Vallejo Game Air Charred Brown as it is nice and dark.

Reaper Leather was used to then highlight his boots.
I liked the colour so much that after doing the boots, I then did his fur loin cloth in the same colour and then did another highlight over the area with some white mixed into the brown. The boots were then given a wash with Army Painter Strong Tone.
I painted the sword in Vallejo Air Steel.

I then changed my mind and painted it with GW Lead Belcher, and gave it a very soft wash with thinned down Army Painter Dark Tone.