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Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 7)

This is what dawn breaking on the morning of Golden Demons looks like. Unfortunately in the mad rush to get things finished I don't have many photos at this stage but I'll show you what I have (this is also the last Work in Progress update).

So here he is all glued together from different angles - the metal on the claw was the last big area to be finished using Boltgun Metal, Chaos Black and Mithril Silver:
A shot from the top. I added in some brown washes to the joins of the black armour using Mig Rust pigment mixed with water.
Another shot from the front:
And a shot from the back:
And my trusty reference books: So after this lot of photos, I did a final going over and picked out further highlights on the tubes and some general cleanup and weathering, and then it was off to Golden Demon day!

Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 6)

Time to paint the top of Ghazghkull. I removed the stick launchers from the top of his armour as I wanted to paint an interesting glyph to give the large flat surfaces a bit of interest.
I ended up picking the grim glyph as it represented ruthlessness and danger. Something very suitable for anyone who plans to jump-pack on top of Ghazghkull. They have been warned! The glyph was painted in the same colours as the other white bits - i.e. not actually white, but Ghoul Grey and Menoth White Highlight.
The horns were painted using the same technique as my Orc Warboss - Snakebite Leather, Bestial Brown and Chaos Black tips.
And finally after all that, it was time to glue him to the base and see him come together.
I tried to make sure that he was imposing but wouldn't fall over under his own weight - a 40mm base is way too small for this model so it was an interesting challenge to make him balance!
Gluing the head on. Now the end is in sight!
And a top view, trying to make sure the view…

Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 5)

I thought I'd better take some photos of the base as I hadn't done that in a while! Not much changed, other than some deeper shading in the metail of the shovel, and some more highlights of the grenade and the wooden blanks. Oh yeah, and there are grass tufts added. I actually only have one pack of grass tufts, so all my minis have the same one. They are the Silflor 737-23S two-tone early fall grass tufts.

They also come in a larger pack which I'll probably pick up next once this one runs out. But usually I am pretty sparing with them as I don't think you need to flood a base with too many tufts.

Here is a shot from a different angle:
Here's Ghazghkull from the back - the machinery on his back is a nightmare! All that guitar-wire style tubing is only fun to paint if it is cleanly cast, but usually on metal models there is some unevenness or soft detail due to the casting.
A side shot where you can see the cabling being slowly picked out.
I started on the gun itsel…

Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 4)

Now we're getting down to the business end of things. The 10% of the miniature that takes up the 90% of the time! I knew this would be a massive exercise in weathering, but I was resolved to do all the chips and scratches using a paint brush rather than resorting to sponges and salt masks.
On the back-banner I finished off the red skull glyph by highlighting with Menoth White Highlight around the edges, and then applying weathering on top. I started weathering the main plates on the claw arm using the same technique. It was a bit more difficult on the arm as the plates weren't as nicely defined in the cast as I would have liked, and a lot of the deeper areas ended up just being blocked and lined with a brown-black wash.
The back of the left arm.
The right arm was similar, except there was just the one shoulder pad to weather up with red paint. And then slowly working my way around the body - the red is weathered the same as the other red bits, and the black is edged and chipp…

Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 3)

I took some photos under different lighting which I think match the colours of the model a bit more closely. You can see the brown tones a lot better in the head. The banner:
The left arm:
The right arm:
Now onto some actual differences! The body had details in red picked out.
And while the red was out, the teeth were given a coat too to make them really bright.
And some test weathering on the red and black - I started with these areas as they'd mostly be covered up by the arms, so it was less critical to be 100% exact.
You can see a comparison between the weathered and unweathered leg armour below. I also tested out painting hazard strips on the thicker cables.
The horns on the skull were painted using Desert Yellow going to black.I also painted the glyphs with some base colours.
More coming soon!

Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 2)

Part 2 - so this is just a sequence of photos of individual parts - I tended to think of each part as almost a model on its own, and made sure it had enough interesting bits to stand out.
The mouth piece was painted with red teeth and given checks. Here is the basecoat: The head was washed using oil paints to deepen the reccesses, and highlighted up with pure Menoth White Highlight.
I painted a gliph on the right arm shoulder pad. I did it yellow to match the flames on the left arm.
And on the reverse side, I painted a black and white triangle pattern to break up the big flat areas.
On the back of the arm, I added checks. Very orky!
So I repeated the checks on the left arm shoulderpad.
The skull was airbrushed with Flat Earth, and then washed with Devlan Mud and highlighted with Ghoul Grey.
A back shot of the banner pole.
That's all for this update! Let me know if you want some more details about any particular part. I didn't work on the torso and legs in this painting sessio…