Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 7)

This is what dawn breaking on the morning of Golden Demons looks like. Unfortunately in the mad rush to get things finished I don't have many photos at this stage but I'll show you what I have (this is also the last Work in Progress update).

So here he is all glued together from different angles - the metal on the claw was the last big area to be finished using Boltgun Metal, Chaos Black and Mithril Silver:
A shot from the top. I added in some brown washes to the joins of the black armour using Mig Rust pigment mixed with water.
Another shot from the front:
And a shot from the back:
And my trusty reference books:
So after this lot of photos, I did a final going over and picked out further highlights on the tubes and some general cleanup and weathering, and then it was off to Golden Demon day!


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