Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 6)

Time to paint the top of Ghazghkull. I removed the stick launchers from the top of his armour as I wanted to paint an interesting glyph to give the large flat surfaces a bit of interest.

I ended up picking the grim glyph as it represented ruthlessness and danger. Something very suitable for anyone who plans to jump-pack on top of Ghazghkull. They have been warned!
The glyph was painted in the same colours as the other white bits - i.e. not actually white, but Ghoul Grey and Menoth White Highlight.
The horns were painted using the same technique as my Orc Warboss - Snakebite Leather, Bestial Brown and Chaos Black tips.
And finally after all that, it was time to glue him to the base and see him come together.
I tried to make sure that he was imposing but wouldn't fall over under his own weight - a 40mm base is way too small for this model so it was an interesting challenge to make him balance!
Gluing the head on. Now the end is in sight!
And a top view, trying to make sure the viewer is drawn to his face by following the lines on the horns.
Here's the finished jaw piece with the weathering on the teeth.
And the stikk launchers I removed, painted in the same black and red scheme.
Here you can see the grill piece glued on. I was quite worried that it would cover up all the interesting visual elements of the face at first but in the end it worked out ok.
And from another angle.
With the banner glued on - I wanted to ensure the tones of the horns were different but had enough similarity to indicate they were bone. Using the same patterns on the horns achieved this, even though I used quite different colour palattes.
And finally, the right arm is glued on.
Now there's still the matter of finishing the left arm...


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