Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 3)

I took some photos under different lighting which I think match the colours of the model a bit more closely. You can see the brown tones a lot better in the head.
The banner:
The left arm:
The right arm:
Now onto some actual differences! The body had details in red picked out.
And while the red was out, the teeth were given a coat too to make them really bright.
And some test weathering on the red and black - I started with these areas as they'd mostly be covered up by the arms, so it was less critical to be 100% exact.
You can see a comparison between the weathered and unweathered leg armour below. I also tested out painting hazard strips on the thicker cables.
The horns on the skull were painted using Desert Yellow going to black.I also painted the glyphs with some base colours.
More coming soon!


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