Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 1)

So with the Golden Demons over for this year, I've finally managed to get around to actually getting a post up about my main entry, Ghazghkull Thraka. What will follow in this post and the next few is a series of WIP photos I took as I painted him - it's not really a tutorial but more of a running commentary. Here's a dry fit of the unpainted model.
Ghazghkull's head was painted separately - the skin is my usual formula of Gretchin Green shaded with browns and highlighted by mixing in creams and white.
From another lighting angle - the blue on the eye piece matches the blue I used on my Kommandos.
I knew I wanted to follow a dark colour scheme on Ghazghkull that had lots of black and red. I chose to make the arms red to stand out - I figured that Ghazghkull would have lots of Meks working on keeping his armour in shape. Occasionally these would be speed freaks who'd try and sneak in their own personal tags and designs on the armour (perhaps to help Ghazghkull move faster).
Here is the right arm, it's not as interesting as the left arm, I just did a quick coat of Tin Bitz on the gun for now and painted the shoulder pad red to match the left arm.
Added some basic colours on the armour, but being primarily black, it's not very interesting at this stage. I tried the check pattern on the feet to see how it would look as this would get repeated on other areas of the armour.
Here's a back view - I also painted the pants with Scorched Brown, Snakebite Leather and Bleached Bone.
And finally the base. I knew I wanted Ghazghkull on the fields of Armageddon, battling past scores of Imperial Guard. Due to the size of the base I didn't want any dead guardsmen on the base itself, so I added in elements to hint at Imperial Guard (the grenade, canteen and shove). The trench, though not practical from a height point of view, also hints at this.
Next update coming soon!


John Lambshead said…
wow, very nice.
Andrew said…
Thanks John!

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