Ghazghkull Thraka (Part 5)

I thought I'd better take some photos of the base as I hadn't done that in a while! Not much changed, other than some deeper shading in the metail of the shovel, and some more highlights of the grenade and the wooden blanks.
Oh yeah, and there are grass tufts added. I actually only have one pack of grass tufts, so all my minis have the same one. They are the Silflor 737-23S two-tone early fall grass tufts.

They also come in a larger pack which I'll probably pick up next once this one runs out. But usually I am pretty sparing with them as I don't think you need to flood a base with too many tufts.

Here is a shot from a different angle:
Here's Ghazghkull from the back - the machinery on his back is a nightmare! All that guitar-wire style tubing is only fun to paint if it is cleanly cast, but usually on metal models there is some unevenness or soft detail due to the casting.
A side shot where you can see the cabling being slowly picked out.
I started on the gun itself with a base-coat of Boltgun Metal followed by a wash of Badab Black (the usual).
And the left arm with the weathering on the red finished. I have also picked out most of the cables, though I know the metal claws and brass bits will be a nightmare to paint due to the fiddly angles.


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