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Death Master Snikch WIP Part 5

Another 4 hrs or so on Death Master Snikch tonight - adding more highlights to the hood, bandages and pants. Same colours as previously mentioned with more Menoth White Highlight in the mix.
All the metals have been painted too - just using watered down Chaos Black to build up the shading and doing highlights with Boltgun Metal, Mithril Silver, and Vallejo Metal Medium.

The gold was washed with Devlan Mud, and highlighted up with Shining Gold and then verdigris added with watered down Jade Green. Then spot highlights added with Shining Gold mixed with Metal Medium.
The second photo was taken with the light not quite as close to the miniature - it's probably closer to the actual colours. The daylight lamp really over-brightens the miniature!

Now I just need to finish off the poison on the blades and his base.

Death Master Snikch WIP Part 4

Ok I only took one set of photos tonight, but to make up for it, I'll show you Snikch from different angles.
The skeleton under his foot was painted Khemri Brown, highlighted with Trollblood Highlight and Skull White. The recesses of the ribcage were then washed with Badab Black wash.
His weapons were given another three watered down coats of Boltgun Metal, to ensure a really smooth and opaque basecoat.
Finally, his skin was highlighted with Tallarn Flesh mixed with Bleached Bone, and then some spot highlights done with Bleached Bone.

This is the same formula used in White Dwarf, and I am quite happy with how it turned out - it gives a nice warm tone to the skin without taking it to a stark white.

Death Master Snikch WIP Part 3

Just a bit more work on Death Master Snikch today.

Started with the hood, highlighting by gradually adding P3 Menoth White Base to P3 Cryx Bane Base to give the olive green colour.The strapping and rope were painted with Foundry Drab A, B and C. The gold bits were painted with P3 Brass Balls.
The cape was painted Chaos Black and highlighted up by adding Hawk Turquoise. Final highlights were done by adding Menoth White Base into the mix. The blades were basecoated with Boltgun Metal. The poison was painted with Orkhide Shade.
I've also glued him together now in this last shot. I've painted enough that it shouldn't be a problem with getting the brush into the fiddly areas. I think I'll keep him on the 20mm square base, but I'll stick that onto a black plinth.

Edit: A bonus picture from tonight! I've finished off the skin on his tail, highlighting the Tanned Flesh with P3 Midlund Flesh and Menoth White Highlight and also painted the dagger to the same basecoats as the…

Malifaux - Ice Gamin Test Scheme

So I thought I'd try out the colour scheme I had picked on the Ice Gamin. Well actually, I followed the scheme on the studio paint jobs, and just used colours from the P3 Trollblood paint set! I figured it would be fast and easy, so I put it to the test...
Blue Skin:
Basecoat - Trollblood Base + Chaos BlackMidcoat - Trollblood BaseHighlight - Trollblood Base + Underbelly BlueGrey Belly:
Basecoat - Trollblood Highlight + Chaos Black + Trollblood BaseMidcoat - Trollblood HighlightHighlight - Trollblood Highlight + Menoth White HighlightClaws:
Basecoat - Foundry Drab AMidcoat - Foundry Drab BHighlight - Foundry Drab C + Skull WhiteEyes:
Basecoat - Hormagaunt PurpleHighlight - Hormagaunt Purple + White
Here he is next to his two friends. I'll go back and do some more zenithal highlights on the blue skin once I finish all three of them.
All up about 3 hours of casual painting, chatting and doing other stuff. The other two should be even quicker.

Death Master Snikch WIP Part 2

Did a burst of work on Death Master Snikch and trying not to get too distracted with other things. Just a few quick shots, I decided to follow the skin formula in White Dwarf to see how it would turn out.

First was a black undercoat, using spray paint and then touching up with a brush in all the spots the spray missed (there were a lot of areas!).
Basecoat the flesh areas with Tallarn Flesh. Two to three thin coats is enough to get a good even coverage.
Wash with Ogryn Flesh Wash. I did this twice, to get a stronger shade. The tail is painted with Tanned Flesh, again in a few thinned coats.
Rehighlight with the base colour, Tallarn Flesh. I also neatened the edges with Chaos Black, and painted the hood in Cryx Bane Base, as I want to give him an olive green hood rather than black.
The last photo is a bit bright, as I took it under my daylight lamp, but I think you can get the basic idea of the painting steps. You can compare the tail, which is still Tanned Flesh with the photo before to se…

Death Master Snikch WIP Part 1

I've been quiet for the past week but I'm back now, still with a lot of Malifaux to finish, but also need to get started on this commission (an art exchange actually, with Anyasy), which you can see is Death Master Snikch from last year's Skaven release. Tonight I spent about 2 hours getting him prepped for undercoating.
Clipped off all the sprues, and then lots of filing to remove all the mold lines. Primarily using a large half-round and a small half-round file, a flat file and then a lot of scrubbing with a metal brush to really bring out the shine!
He'll eventually end up on a larger display base, but for now, he'll sit in the slottabase he came with for undercoating.

Edit: I just realised I uploaded the full size images! Sorry! Beware, they might take a while to download if you click on them!