Death Master Snikch WIP Part 2

Did a burst of work on Death Master Snikch and trying not to get too distracted with other things. Just a few quick shots, I decided to follow the skin formula in White Dwarf to see how it would turn out.

First was a black undercoat, using spray paint and then touching up with a brush in all the spots the spray missed (there were a lot of areas!).
Basecoat the flesh areas with Tallarn Flesh. Two to three thin coats is enough to get a good even coverage.
Wash with Ogryn Flesh Wash. I did this twice, to get a stronger shade. The tail is painted with Tanned Flesh, again in a few thinned coats.
Rehighlight with the base colour, Tallarn Flesh. I also neatened the edges with Chaos Black, and painted the hood in Cryx Bane Base, as I want to give him an olive green hood rather than black.
The last photo is a bit bright, as I took it under my daylight lamp, but I think you can get the basic idea of the painting steps. You can compare the tail, which is still Tanned Flesh with the photo before to see the difference in lights! I'll go back to the normal lighting in the next shots.

Till next time!


red_gobbo said…
Nice job and good description!
Please keep it coming, as I have bought this figure too ;) Such detailed step-by-step tutorial will be very helpfull!

Andrew said…
Thanks red_gobbo!

Let me know if there's any particular part you want me to do more explaination on.

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