Hero Quest Barbarian and Conan Boardgame Size Comparison

So recently, I received my rewards from the Conan kickstarter by Monolith Games. What a crazy box of miniatures!  Since I had painted the Hero Quest barbarian and blogged about it recently, I thought I'd show you a comparison of the Conan miniatures so you can see the scale and size difference. 

It's a shame the light grey plastic fails to show off the details, but it definitely is quite a nice Conan miniature! Here's a photo of the awesome Amari miniature from Reaper's Pathfinder range as a comparison.

Amari (and the Reaper range in general) are better scaled with the original Hero Quest miniatures, but having said that, the Conan game does it's best to give you a full complement of heroes, anti-heroes and denizens if you wish to use them in your dungeon crawling game.

PS. Yes that is Sedition Wars in the background. More on that one next time.


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