Sedition Wars: Painting the Strain

Once upon a time, I backed a Kickstarter named Sedition Wars. And this month I decided to paint it - boardgame painting mode in full swing!

I started by undercoating a batch of the Strain with GW Corax White and gave each of them two coats of GW Carroburg Crimson.

Here are some shots with the first coat of the Carroburg Crimson wash. A close up of a phase 3 Strain showing all the details on the restic.
And a larger batch of them.
After a second coat, the colour really gets a lot of depth.
I worked in smaller groups of 3 to 4 models. The next step was to pick out the metal parts in Vallejo Air Steel.
All the steel bits now got a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone.
As I wanted a space prison theme, I painted all the clothing in orange. I found Army Painter Lava Orange was perfect, easily covering in 2 to 3 thin coats.
Again I worked in batches, painting the orange in small groups. The orange was highlighted by mixing a small amount of GW Skull White (White Scar now) and layered up.
The bigger guys did not require any orange, but had a lot more metal areas.
Here is a finished group mounted on bases. I'll do a separate blog post on how to paint up the bases - it's quite fast when done as a big batch!
And a few more to the left making their way through the painting pipeline.
A close up of the finished batch.
The last thing to do was paint the base rims black, and work through the remain batches of Strain!


Ryan Cruz said…
Great work! Love these tutorials.

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