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40k Rogue Trader - Space Marines WIP (Part 2)

Some more work on these guys... 
More GW Leadbelcher on the weapons and GW Snakebite Leather on the bases. Less of a crazy blue tint to the photos now!

Super Dungeon Explore - Nyan-Nyan Step-by-Step

I recently tried my hand at painting a Nyan-Nyan for the game Super Dungeon Explore by Soda Pop Miniatures. It was an interesting challenge as it is a bit outside what I usually paint. I wanted to stay true to the anime feel and keep the colours bright and clean.
Step by Step The base had the tab filled with putty and then sanded back with a flat file. I carved back in some of the lines with a sharp blade and scribing tool.

Cleanup was a bit involved - the casting of the restic makes cleaning of some parts very awkward. I ended up removing her arms to get into the hard to reach areas. In the end, I also cut off some bits on the claws due to the casting - it was easier to remove them than to try and repair it.

So the first thing I painted was the eyes. I airbrushed the skin with P3 Midlund Flesh and then begun to paint the eyes.

Here's a sketch my friend made of the rough strokes for anime eyes. I painted the eyes white and then used a black to define the eyes. I then painted in t…

40k Rogue Trader - Space Marines WIP

I don't often paint space marines, but when I do, they're RBT01 marines.