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Imagery of Games Workshop: Subjective and Objective Points of View

The debate has cropped up time and time again of entries to the Golden Demons being disqualified or brushed aside for their use of real world connotations. Let's take an objective point of view - that ideas should be built on establised ideas and only what is "canon" in Warhammer. Case examples of entries that have adhered to canon (and placed) from previous Golden Demon competitions:

Victoria Lamb's Squiggoth entry for Warhammer large 2002 - at the time there were no rules for squiggoths in the books and she mearly entered it as a proxy for a chariot.

Allan Carresco's Mutant from single model Spain 2004 - there are no rules for them in 40k however it is a translation of a concept that appears in the Inquisitor game.

Jakob Neilsen's Adeptus Custodes single figure from UK2004 - again no rules for them in 40k, and not even in a satellite game, with the inspiration of for the model lifted from artwork appearing in Horus Heresy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, w…

Praetorian Rough Rider versus Ork

Back to updating after a small post-Golden Demon break! Here is another oldie, but one of the favourites in my collection. I started this diorama in 2002, but didn't finish it until 2003 for Golden Demon. Out of all the entries I have done for Golden Demon, this one I feel is my best. After a lot of on and off efforts, everything just came together in the end and the piece just worked.

It managed to win Gold in it's category, and a lot of contraversy was caused that year because Vic's Fiery Angel duel only got 3rd (if you don't know which piece Fiery Angel is, I suggest you check the top 10 miniatures on CMoN). Some in-progress pics of this piece are shown below.

Oh yeah, Games Workshop Australia have also updated their website with the winners from Golden Demon 2005. I have to say, great photos this year (though the ones shown on the website need a sharpen and a resize), check them out at: