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Malifaux - Zoriada Crew (Part 3)

A bit more work on the Zoriada crew over the past few days. First up is the Bayou bases, which I've given some washes, drybrushes, and picked out some details...  From another angle:
 And another angle...
Pretty fast to do using GW drybrush paints, washes, and Foundry 3-stage paints.

And I've done a bit of work on the silurids too. Given them a burnt umber oil wash around the hands and feet and pick out the flesh.
The fins were painted purple using Hormagaunt Purple, and highlighted with Skull White added in.
And the other silurid...
And the third silurid...
Here are the Bayou bases with the first layer of Tamiya Smoke. They'll need a lot of smoke to really build up the shine!
 And the 30mm bases...
And another angle of the 50mm base.
Bad Juju got a wash of Devlan Mud:
And Zoriada got an oil wash of Burnt Umber, as well as Devlan Mud on her skirt.
Now it's time to really get the details on the figures...

Malifaux - Zoriada Crew (Part 2)

A bit more work on the Zoriada crew - I re-undercoated the models white so I'd have a nice clean base to work from with the airbrush. The Silurids as they get ready for their basecoat of Traitor Green.
Zoriada has been given a coat of Traitor green on her lower half, and of Foundry Dark Flesh A on her skin.
Here are the Silurids after a coat of Traitor Green and some rough zenithal highlights with Menoth White Base.
Bad Juju was sprayed with Foundry Dark Flesh B to try and get some reddy brown tones in before I build up the other colours (thinking grey and dark greens and browns at the moment).
Here are the swamp bases with an airbrush coat of Charadon Granite.
And from a better angle.
Enough airbrush, time for the brush! I then used Trollblood Base and Arcane Blue with a bit of Skull White to pick out the water, and Foundry Drab A on the planks.
Here they are lined up with the models.
And I've also given the logs a coat of Scorched Brown.
Next up is some shading using oil pa…

Work in Progress - Snow Storm (Part 3)

As promised, I'm trying to get Snow Storm finished. After a good night of painting with Turelio and the other dude who does not have a Blogger account, I managed to get Snow to a level of completion that I am happy with. I started with a simple three stage skin colour scheme using Iridian Flesh, Midlund Flesh and Menoth White Highlight. The hair and fur trim were blocked in black, and the coat was Hormaguant Purple highlighted with successive layers of white.
 I used my Rasputina model as colour reference to keep consistency with the rest of the crew. The fur was painted Charadon Granite, highlighted with Trollblood Highlight. The buttons and straps on the coat were Cryx Bane Base highlighted with successive levels of Skull White. Hair was Chaos Black mixed with Trollblood Highlight.
 Here is Snow ready to be glued to the base with Storm.
I used clippers to remove her tab, and filed smooth the underside of Snow. She was then glued onto the 50mm base in the space I had left for he…

Malifaux - Zoriada Crew (Part 1)

A new multi-part mini-series on painting another crew for Malifaux!
I'm not sure I should be starting a new crew, so next best option is to pull one that's been half completed off my shelf and actually finish it! I figured I can work on this crew while Rob Jedi does his McMournings, and Turelio paints his Death Marshalls. Having said that... they also decided to put double the number of figures in their crews whereas this is just the base one.
So this is Zoriada's crew, which I have spruced up with the addition of the Bayou bases from Wyrd. One pack of 30mm and one 50mm were all I needed (and I am left with a spare 30mm for an extra totem or something).
Here are some shots of them all based up (I clipped the tabs and added pins to their feet so they could sit in the bases independently).

And ready for painting - I remounted them on a triple stack of MDF bases (I find them pretty stable and a bit more sturdy than cork). I just drill out holes where the pins are on the mode…

Malifaux Peacekeep - montage

Here's a montage of the Peacekeeper. I'm happy to say I now have no unpainted Guild miniatures! Oh wait, I got the nightmare Lady Justice box and Miss Terious. Doh! Ok let me correct that, I have no half-assembled and half-painted Guild miniatures!

Anyway, I'm going to aim to finish off my Essence of Power and Snowstorm next, to round out my Arcanists.

Malifaux: Peacekeeper from the front

I don't recall ever posting up finished photos of this guy, anyway here he is in all his glory (thanks to Turelio for finishing off the gold bits for me - he was sick of hearing me complain it was 95% completed for over 6 months).

I'll put up the montage shots in a following post.

New Project: Dropzone Commander PHR!

Something brand new for me - I've never really collected anything small scale before (I've inherited a Flames of War army, but it wasn't something I started from scratch). So the new hotness at the moment is Dropzone Commander, and I picked up a PHR starter box. It is a 10mm sci-fi wargame centered around dropships and rapid re-deployment. I played a demo game at MOAB, and helped paint some of the demo figures (UCM and Scourge) so I wanted to paint something different to those. The PHR fit the bill nicely.

Rob Jedi helped me get started with the assembly - the box contains a number of dropships, two APCs, four walkers and 4 stands of infantry.

Here they are built and cleaned up - they were pretty simple to construct (easier than the UCM and Scourge I reckon). The resin is a nice clean white resin that has some of the most crisp details I have ever seen. There were no warps or bends in any of the pieces. The troops are white-metal with some fairly heavy sprues.

The troops h…