Malifaux - Zoriada Crew (Part 1)

A new multi-part mini-series on painting another crew for Malifaux!

I'm not sure I should be starting a new crew, so next best option is to pull one that's been half completed off my shelf and actually finish it! I figured I can work on this crew while Rob Jedi does his McMournings, and Turelio paints his Death Marshalls. Having said that... they also decided to put double the number of figures in their crews whereas this is just the base one.

So this is Zoriada's crew, which I have spruced up with the addition of the Bayou bases from Wyrd. One pack of 30mm and one 50mm were all I needed (and I am left with a spare 30mm for an extra totem or something).

Here are some shots of them all based up (I clipped the tabs and added pins to their feet so they could sit in the bases independently).

And ready for painting - I remounted them on a triple stack of MDF bases (I find them pretty stable and a bit more sturdy than cork). I just drill out holes where the pins are on the models feet and add a bit of superglue to hold them down.

And here are the bayou bases ready for painting too - you can see where the pin holes are on each base. I'm going to have to refer back to this blog post at some point to remember who goes on which base!


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