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OzPainters Daemonette Workshop 1

On Saturday, I went to the OzPainters Daemonette Workshop in Sydney, where we each got to construct a Daemonette with a scenic base. There are heaps of photos up on OzPainters, bu I'll show you the one I made on the day and the progress I made.
For the Daemonette itself, I basically assembled a plastic one as instructed, but I removed all the little horns and things sticking out, filing those parts smooth. The sword and hand is from a plastic skeleton shaved down to fit, and the tentacle hair is made from greenstuff.The base is slate stuck together with Knead-It, and then covered with Vallejo Sandy Paste. The overhang has been made from bits of cork glued into place and covered with Sandy Paste. I opted for a smaller base on the wooden (toy) block, but I also had the option of filling the block entirely with scenery.
Here she is undercoated black. I had also shaved away part of the wooden block and painted that part with Sandy Paste.
And the final WIP shot, I had basecoated her skin …

Death Marshals Meetup!

And now for some light-hearted entertainment. Earlier this week I visited Rob Jedi and brought along my WIP Death Marshals to meet his WIP Death Marshals. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. The Lady Justices lead their crews through the streets... The buildings were plaster ones that Rob had lying around. The Death Marshals gather with their coffins, complete with blue and green ghoulies coming out.
A closer comparison of the colour schemes of our Judges. They did end up quite different!

Back to the Death Marshals

Ok, a few bits worked on last night. Since Rob Jedi has made a start to his own Death Marshals, I thought I should get a move on with mine. Spot the difference with the last post? Let's go through the answers...Lady Justice got a clump of Mini-Natur grass on her base. It was a piece left over so I thought I'd put it to good use - eventually they'll all have similar clumps of grass on their bases. I also highlighted the black on her gloves and bodice, by gradually mixing Space Wolf Grey with Chaos Black.
The Judge's bandana is now black, as I felt the red was too bright.
So the coffins were painted Foundry Drab B, and washed with Devlan Mud. I've gone over them again with Drab B to bring out the planks of wood.
I've also finished the skin on the Death Marshals, though I still need to do their eyes and highlight the lips. As a recap, the skin was painted Tanned Flesh, and highlighed with Bronzed Flesh mixed with Dwarf Flesh. I then did another highlight with Bronzed…

Death Master Snikch

Here are the photos I took of Death Master Snikch before I mailed him off. I had taken a few sets in different lighting conditions, but I think these are the best. Just taken in my office with the normal overhead fluorescent lighting, nothing pointing at the figure directly.A montage shot showing some more angles. I think when pushing contrast, a lot of it gets lost in the photos due to the proximity of the lighting, especially if your camera is a newer one with automatically adjusted ISO settings. For my Canon IXUS, it works better when I don't have a light pointed at the miniature, where as with my old Nikon, I pretty much had to.
Anyway, Snikch has been mailed off to his new home and owner. This is the first commission I had done in a long time, but it was a really fun figure and I enjoyed painting it a lot.
If you want to look back over the WIP posts, here they are in order: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6

Death Master Snikch WIP Part 6

The last few photos of Death Master Snikch before I declare him done. The poison on the blades was Woodland Green highlighted with Bilious Green and Skull White. The base is given a few coats of Vallejo Sandy Paste to blend it in with the mound of dirt and armour he comes cast with.The glowing pendant was basecoated with Jade Green, highlighted with Skull White. Watered down versions of the same colour were gradually built up on surrounding areas to be the reflection of the light from the glowing pendant.
The base was painted Khemri Brown, washed with Devlan Mud, and drybrushed with Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight. The rats were basecoated Beastial Brown, highlighted with Rucksack Tan and Foundry Drab C.
And he's done! The grass tufts are from Mini-Natur, they're so much easier to use as the ones I have are clumps with a mix of long and short hairs. Costs a bit more, but saves me so much time in the end and I think the result looks better.
The lighting is quite harsh…