OzPainters Daemonette Workshop 1

On Saturday, I went to the OzPainters Daemonette Workshop in Sydney, where we each got to construct a Daemonette with a scenic base. There are heaps of photos up on OzPainters, bu I'll show you the one I made on the day and the progress I made.

For the Daemonette itself, I basically assembled a plastic one as instructed, but I removed all the little horns and things sticking out, filing those parts smooth. The sword and hand is from a plastic skeleton shaved down to fit, and the tentacle hair is made from greenstuff.
The base is slate stuck together with Knead-It, and then covered with Vallejo Sandy Paste. The overhang has been made from bits of cork glued into place and covered with Sandy Paste. I opted for a smaller base on the wooden (toy) block, but I also had the option of filling the block entirely with scenery.

Here she is undercoated black. I had also shaved away part of the wooden block and painted that part with Sandy Paste.
And the final WIP shot, I had basecoated her skin with Charadon Granite and Bleached Bone, and started highlighting up by adding more Bleached Bone into the mix. Tempted to just finish off the skin blending with an airbrush though!
Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next Daemonette workshop, which is in the planning stages right now! For now, go check out the other photos over at OzPainters!


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