Death Master Snikch WIP Part 6

The last few photos of Death Master Snikch before I declare him done. The poison on the blades was Woodland Green highlighted with Bilious Green and Skull White. The base is given a few coats of Vallejo Sandy Paste to blend it in with the mound of dirt and armour he comes cast with.The glowing pendant was basecoated with Jade Green, highlighted with Skull White. Watered down versions of the same colour were gradually built up on surrounding areas to be the reflection of the light from the glowing pendant.
The base was painted Khemri Brown, washed with Devlan Mud, and drybrushed with Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight. The rats were basecoated Beastial Brown, highlighted with Rucksack Tan and Foundry Drab C.
And he's done! The grass tufts are from Mini-Natur, they're so much easier to use as the ones I have are clumps with a mix of long and short hairs. Costs a bit more, but saves me so much time in the end and I think the result looks better.
The lighting is quite harsh, but the above shot has no direct lighting on Snikch. He stands next to my Warboss which is a better representation of the highlighting and shading I think, and you can see the pushed contrast really stands out!


generulpoleaxe said…
The finished mini in less harsh light looks cracking, super work on all of the subtle details and getting the pop from the extra contrast :)
Andrew said…
Thanks generulpoleaxe! It's always been area I need to improve on (the contrast) so I am glad you like it!
Mae said…
I love it! The green looks so gelatinous and glowy in real life!
Andrew said…
Thanks Mae!

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