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Team Yankee: Harrier Jump Jets

Recently I have been reading the rules for Team Yankee with the aim to paint up a small playable force - I eventually settled on a Soviet Afghantsy force, but when the Harrier Jump Jets for the British were released, I couldn't resist painting some up.
The reason was because as a 7-year old child, I had received this kit - the actual model has long been lost in the midst of time, but I can still remember assembling it and studying the colour scheme to determine how to paint it (along with a trip to the model shop to get all the necessary colours, in enamel no less!). So seeing the Team Yankee release, I was determined to paint up a box in the old faithful colour scheme. With the Team Yankee versions, they come mostly pre-assembled, with a few extreme details such as the nose, wing armaments and tail fins to be attached. I had done all of this but left the armaments till last as I knew they'd be mostly a uniform green colour, and it would allow me access to paint the underside…