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GD OZ 2010 Results

Congratulations to Simon Hooker for winning the Slayer Sword with an awesome scout squad at Golden Demon Oz 2010. More results can be found at OzPainters:

GD OZ 2010 Results

Golden Demon Australia and Dinner Afterwards

Just a bit of house-keeping - the Australian Golden Demon finals are on this weekend, and afterwards is the annual Golden Camel painters dinner. If you are keen to come to the dinner, the details are here:

Golden Camel Dinner 13th November 7:30pm (After GD)

Old Skool Grey Knights

I did these guys as a commission for a client back in 2005, and only recently rediscovered the photos. Believe me, after doing this lot, it put me off painting grey for a very long time!
Here's a work in progress shot, with some of my other grey knights.
And a finished shot - yes there are three guys in the same pose in the background - the client wanted 2 guys the same, one for display and one for gaming.
The reason I am posting these pics is because I have recently discovered how much easier it is painting grey with an airbrush. But more on that later. :)

Born on the Bayou: the La Croix kin (Part 4)

Back to the gremlins. They look a bit harsh here under this lighting, but I added highlights to all of the green skin, the brown hats and dusters, as well as basecoating their pants with Necron Abyss blue, and the bases with Snakebite Leather.
At MOAB, Nick Fletcher (Turelio) helped me out and finished off the pants - we're going to have to get together to finish off more figures this way, it's so much faster! Anyway, the pants have been finished off with Enchanted Blue, and Ophelia's crop top painted with Hormagaunt Purple and highlighted with Hormagaunt Purple plus Skull White.
Pere Ravage has been put on a cast 40mm desert base now as well with the pig (another of my home made resin bases).

Malifaux - Guild Peace Keeper (Part 2)

Just a quick update! Today is a continuation of the Peace Keeper.

I painted all the parts that are meant to be metal with black. This was a bit fiddly in some areas due to the pose and the arms, particularly around the thighs. I also painted black in the larger scratches of the carapace armour.

Now it's time to pull out the oil paints. I added a wash of Burnt Umber over all the armour plates to really darken it up. It fills in all the chips and pits nicely to give that really worn and battered look.

Till next time!

Born on the Bayou: the La Croix kin (Part 3)

Just a quick update for you guys - missed some painting time last night but here is where the gremlins are upto - I have applied a diluted wash of Foundation Gretchin Green on the skin, and P3 Bootstrap Leather on the hats and cloaks.

Born on the Bayou: the La Croix kin (Part 2)

Back to the Gremlins again! I sculpted and cast some desert base inserts (I figured I'd be doing a lot of these and it was just easier to have a selection of pre-made ones), I decided to base the Gremlins on these. I snipped off all the tabs on their feet and put in pins. You might notice the base inserts are similar to the bases for my Death Marshals. I then drilled corresponding holes on the resin bases and glued them all on. Notice I don't have a 40mm round base yet for the pig and Ravage.
Here they are all airbrushed with Tamiya Flat Brown and Tamiya Desert Earth.
And after a coat of Tamiya Deck Tan, they look white again! D: It's not that extreme in real life, but it didn't turn out very well in the photo.

Malifaux - Guild Peace Keeper

You'd think I'd finish stuff before starting on other stuff right? Wrong! I've been working on a Malifaux Guild Peace Keeper the last few weeks and thought I'd show you where I am up to. First up is some shots out of the box. This guy comes in lots of bits which do require some filing and cleaning to get it to assemble nicely. There are no assembly instructions, so you have to just work off the pictures on the box. Here's my assembled one - sorry I didn't take any in-progress shots of the assembly, but I ended up pinning most of the bits - the legs where a bit of a nightmare as they need to support the full weight of the body which is a single solid piece. It is a round socket join which is great for posing, but quite difficult to glue together.
I ended up using a resin base I made and pinned both the feet to the base and then a single long pin through the sockets to join both legs.
The fastest way to paint this guy is with an airbrush - shown here is the Peace Ke…

Born on the Bayou: the La Croix kin

Got ahold of one of the new factions for Malifaux - the Born on the Bayou box, i.e. the Gremlin version of the Ortegas. I'm not sure how they perform in the game, but how can you go wrong when you have a pig strapped with explosives? So here they are out of the box. A few multi-piece models, but quite easy to assemble (especially when compared to some of the more complex figures like Misaki or the Peacekeeper). Here they are assembled. I just used superglue, I didn't find a need to pin the models as all the fits between the parts were really nice. I have not decided how to base them yet, so they are on temporary slotta-bases. Undercoated white. Though I now think I should have removed all the tabs and filed flat the feet first before undercoating. Oh well. I'm looking forward to slapping some paint on these guys, they look like a lot of fun to paint. They remind me a lot of the Rebel Grots from Gorkamorka.

Copplestone Sleuths

These sleuths are from the Copplestone Gangster range. I felt they fit in really well with my already painted Pulp figures, so I had a crack at doing them as such.
I had painted up the Tintin and Snowy models a while ago as they were the main reason I got the pack: And here are the other sleuths in various stages of completion: A not-as-dark shot:
I'll have to redo hose blue pants, I'm not a fan.

LOTR Cave Troll

I've been quite busy the last 3 months with a lot of real life boring stuff, and I haven't really had that much of a chance to paint anything! But here's a quick post of something that has been sitting on my desk for a while.
I got this guy in a GW store auction about 3 years ago - he's just a fun big figure to practice some different techniques on. I assembled his pretty much as the instructions, except I filed off the chain across his torso - I'll add some real chain later as it will look better flailing in the air.
This is an all over air-brush of Charadon Granite over the undercoat. It will form a nice base for deeper oil washes rather than pure black. Dheneb Stone was then airbrushed onto the torso and underarm areas, using photos from the movies and the studio paint job as reference.
Two oil washes - the first, a thinner wash of Burnt Umber around the lighter flesh parts, working it into where it transitions to the darker skin. A second wash of Black on the bumpy…

Canopic Beast

After a bit of delay, I finally got a Canopic Beast from Smart Max's 54mm scale SMOG range. The model comes packaged in a single plastic bag - the left foot had actually snapped off the one I received, though it was a clean break that was easily repaired. The beast comes in several parts pictured below. The resin is grey, but it seems a bit more brittle with a slight bit of discolouration on the surface. There were some quite horrible mold lines running along the bandages that were very difficult to remove, particularly along the arms and around his torso.
The base is also resin, but it has been cut with a bulking agent. You can see it in the photo below, with all the little dots.
Here is the Canopic Beast all assembled - I did this over two evenings. The first evening, I cleaned up all the pieces with a blade and micro-files.

I then soaked all the pieces overnight in a mix of detergent and water, dried them off in the morning and glued the beast together that evening. Fortunately, al…

Malifaux: Death Marshals Update

It's been a while since I've gotten back to Lady Justice and her crew, but I've managed to do some work on them this week to bring them closer to completion. They're certainly at the stage now where they can be used for gaming! Here they are all together:
I finished the skin off on Lady Justice. Most of this was on her boobs, which made it quite fast actually - just gradually worked up Midlund Flesh with Menoth White Highlight. Her lips were finished with Bloodstone mixed with Menoth White Highlight.
The Judge had his hair highlighted from the Trollblood Base basecoat with Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight. His gloves were blended up from Calthan Brown with Rucksack Tan.
Here is a shot of the Death Marshalls together. Their coats were highlighted up from Calthan Brown with Rucksack Tan, like the gloves on the Judge.
The following shots show each Death Marshal individually. The coffins were highlighted up with Foundry Drab C, through a combination of edging and d…