Malifaux: Death Marshals Update

It's been a while since I've gotten back to Lady Justice and her crew, but I've managed to do some work on them this week to bring them closer to completion. They're certainly at the stage now where they can be used for gaming! Here they are all together:
I finished the skin off on Lady Justice. Most of this was on her boobs, which made it quite fast actually - just gradually worked up Midlund Flesh with Menoth White Highlight. Her lips were finished with Bloodstone mixed with Menoth White Highlight.
The Judge had his hair highlighted from the Trollblood Base basecoat with Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight. His gloves were blended up from Calthan Brown with Rucksack Tan.
Here is a shot of the Death Marshalls together. Their coats were highlighted up from Calthan Brown with Rucksack Tan, like the gloves on the Judge.
The following shots show each Death Marshal individually. The coffins were highlighted up with Foundry Drab C, through a combination of edging and drybrushing to pick out the textures in the wood. I then went back and re-lined the planks of wood with Devlan Mud. The nails were picked out with Boltgun Metal, and washed with Badab Black.
The black pants were first highlighted with Adeptus Battle Grey, and then edged with Astronomican Grey. Chaos Black was then applied in thin layers to smooth out the blends, as I find this helps a lot with black to make the highlights less harsh.
The buckles were painted with Brass Balls, and washed with Badab Black. You can't see it very well in the photos, but they all have little sheriff badges which resemble a skull and crossbone.I also added lots of clumps of static flock on the base - these are the MiniNatur pre-clumped grass tufts. They really stand out in the photos, but that's due to the camera, they blend in a lot more with the ground in real life.

I think I need to add some little bones or something to the ground too, it feels like it's missing something. A bit like this bone I saw on my adventures in India last month:
Till next time! Next time I update these guys will probably be the last. Only taken what... six months to paint them? Oh yes, also need glow effects from the blue ghost things coming out of the coffin!


John Lambshead said…
There is excellent layered painting on those figures. I tip my hat sir
Andrew said…
Thanks John!

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