OzPainters Daemonette Workshop 2

Last Sunday I went to the second Daemonette Workshop organised by the Sydney/NSW OzPainters. It was great to see a number of people travel from interstate to attend, and also see how everyone's Daemonette had progressed!
We also had some special attendees in the form of kittens who were very excited to jump and investigate everything!

Anyway, here are some photos taken on the day of where my Daemonette is upto in regards to the painting. My biggest problem was that I painted the skin, but I forgot what colours I used due to the one month gap in getting back to painting her (and I didn't check my blog beforehand since I wrote it down in my last entry!). She has ended up a bit more pale than I wanted, but it's ok for a workshop project.
And a shot showing the whole base:
You can see more photos of the other Daemonettes over here at OzPainters.


YsambartCourtin said…
Very Tidy. The melting base thing is cool as well...
Andrew said…
Thanks Bart - trying to keep this one simple. :)

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