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Canopic Beast

After a bit of delay, I finally got a Canopic Beast from Smart Max's 54mm scale SMOG range. The model comes packaged in a single plastic bag - the left foot had actually snapped off the one I received, though it was a clean break that was easily repaired. The beast comes in several parts pictured below. The resin is grey, but it seems a bit more brittle with a slight bit of discolouration on the surface. There were some quite horrible mold lines running along the bandages that were very difficult to remove, particularly along the arms and around his torso.
The base is also resin, but it has been cut with a bulking agent. You can see it in the photo below, with all the little dots.
Here is the Canopic Beast all assembled - I did this over two evenings. The first evening, I cleaned up all the pieces with a blade and micro-files.

I then soaked all the pieces overnight in a mix of detergent and water, dried them off in the morning and glued the beast together that evening. Fortunately, al…

Malifaux: Death Marshals Update

It's been a while since I've gotten back to Lady Justice and her crew, but I've managed to do some work on them this week to bring them closer to completion. They're certainly at the stage now where they can be used for gaming! Here they are all together:
I finished the skin off on Lady Justice. Most of this was on her boobs, which made it quite fast actually - just gradually worked up Midlund Flesh with Menoth White Highlight. Her lips were finished with Bloodstone mixed with Menoth White Highlight.
The Judge had his hair highlighted from the Trollblood Base basecoat with Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight. His gloves were blended up from Calthan Brown with Rucksack Tan.
Here is a shot of the Death Marshalls together. Their coats were highlighted up from Calthan Brown with Rucksack Tan, like the gloves on the Judge.
The following shots show each Death Marshal individually. The coffins were highlighted up with Foundry Drab C, through a combination of edging and d…

OzPainters Daemonette Workshop 2

Last Sunday I went to the second Daemonette Workshop organised by the Sydney/NSW OzPainters. It was great to see a number of people travel from interstate to attend, and also see how everyone's Daemonette had progressed!We also had some special attendees in the form of kittens who were very excited to jump and investigate everything!
Anyway, here are some photos taken on the day of where my Daemonette is upto in regards to the painting. My biggest problem was that I painted the skin, but I forgot what colours I used due to the one month gap in getting back to painting her (and I didn't check my blog beforehand since I wrote it down in my last entry!). She has ended up a bit more pale than I wanted, but it's ok for a workshop project.And a shot showing the whole base:
You can see more photos of the other Daemonettes over here at OzPainters.